WEMAX A300 4K Laser Projector at $2398.49 [Coupon]

Currently, it’s too hard to find a good laser projector at an affordable price tag. But by launching the WEMAX A300, it showed no other company can bring high-end laser TVs at relatively low price tags. We guess you all will agree that pricing is one of the most important factors when purchasing a laser TV. It varies from $1,500 to $10,000. So before buying customers conduct little research in order to explore the key features of the products from this category. But there is another trick you all used to do – that’s to find coupon codes that allow you to get your hands on them for lower pricing. As for the A300, we have grabbed one. This coupon (code: BGWE909300) will help you acquire the mentioned projector for a 12% discounted price tag. Thus, instead of $2994.99, you can get it for $2398.49.

WEMAX A300 Appearance

As the name suggests, the Xiaomi WEMAX A300 laser TV can replace your regular TV. It weighs only 9kg. And this compact-size projector can provide a screen projection of 80 – 150 inches. Of course, it’s not considered to be a portable projector. But the lightweight allows us to move it when needed.


Generally, when looking at the WEMAX A300 smart projector, we understand the company didn’t make many changes in its design. It has a minimalistic design and comes in black like the previous models. So we guess it will integrate into any interior easily.

On the top, in the recess at an angle, we can find the laser lens. Plus, the manufacturer added an infrared sensor, which automatically turns off the projection when ‘meets’ a human face. This is quite useful, as the laser ray is harmful to our eyes.

Apart from these, there is a plastic grill, which hides the speakers. By the way, we are dealing with high-end speakers that support Dolby Sound. Plus, the WEMAX A300 supports movie sound effect. On both sides, we can find the subwoofer openings.


Finally, on the back, there are the interfaces, including three HDMI ports (one is ACR), USB 3.0, audio and AV out ports, S/PDIF, and an Ethernet port. By the way, there is an additional USB 2.0 port on the left side along with the focus adjustment roller. And on the right side, we can see another speaker that ensures the stereo effect. The left side also has an opening for cooling.


Any projector comes with a powerful cooling system. The WEMAX A300 is no exception. Plus, the measures noise is about 40dB. So when working, it will make a noise like your laptop. We mean the noise of coolers won’t make any inconvenience when working.

WEMAX A300 Performance

The new WEMAX A300 laser projector uses the well-known ALDP 3.0 technology. All the previous models powered by this technology have already ensured it extends the lamp life and reduces the heat.

Brightness is the most important feature of any projector. The WEMAX A300 has a brightness of 9000 ANSI lumens, which is equivalent to 250 nits. To understand what this means just know the WEMAX One Pro has a brightness of 7000 ANSI lumens. The native resolution is 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels). In other words, it exceeds the 1080P four times.  

The next important feature is the projection ratio, which is 0.233:1 for the WEMAX A300. Shortly, this projector can be placed in front of the screen/wall at 14cm minimum, while the maximum distance is 50cm. When placing it in this way, the projection diagonal will vary from 80 inches to 150 inches.

However, there is a shortcoming (if we can call it so). The WEMAX A300 runs on Android 6.0. And though the system is developed well and it works smoothly, we’ve been waiting for a newer version of Android. But let’s agree this is a solvable problem. You can just plug a TV box with a higher Android version.

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