Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Pro

Xiaoai Speaker Pro Sold Only For $89.99 [Coupon]

The Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Pro is undoubtedly the most complete product of Xiaoai speakers at present, and this is also right from the “Pro” sequence. If you need to buy a full-featured smart speaker, the “Pro version” will be your good choice. After all, it has all the functions it should have. This Speaker is sold only for $89.99 after using our coupon.

Coupon code: BGXY022
Price without coupon: $135.99
Coupon price: $89.99

Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Pro

Xiaoai Speaker Pro Design

Open the package, in addition to the speaker body, there is a power adapter and a manual, and no accessories are added due to the positioning of the Pro. It is also conducive to cost reduction. After all, the money still has to be spent on the blade. The color scheme of Xiao Ai Speaker Pro is black gold with black gold accents. The logo and buttons are all golden, which creates a good sense of high-end quality for the entire product.

Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Pro

Xiao Ai Speaker Pro has 6 microphones on the top, an array design. The beamforming technology can accurately and clearly collect the user’s voice, effectively reducing noise interference. Through the optimization of the algorithm, it can accurately point to the listening position. It is also reflected in the visual interaction.

Xiaoai Speaker Pro Sound Quality

Sound quality is the core selling point of this Pro version. Compared with the 2.0-inch speakers of the “Mi AI Speaker”, the Pro version has been upgraded to 2.25 inches, has a 750mL sound cavity volume. It has a Texas Instruments TAS5805M Hi-Fi audio Processing chip, and obtained DTS professional tuning certification. As far as these configurations are concerned, the problem of poor sound quality of Xiao Ai speakers.

Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Pro

Xiaoai Speaker Pro Operation

In terms of operation, the Pro version still maintains the physical button design of the Play version and the universal remote version. The main functions are still volume +, volume -, play/pause, and microphone disable/enable. The Pro version uses six ring microphones to better receive voice information. In actual experience, even if you call the Pro version placed in the living room in the room, it can give timely feedback and recognition. For large families it is indeed more convenient. Shout “Little Love Classmate” and the circular breathing light on the Pro version will light up to give feedback. The gradual blue color gives feedback, which is very dynamic and warm.

In terms of interface, in addition to the DC round head power supply interface, an AUX IN interface is added to the Pro version. So that in addition to the Bluetooth connection, it can be directly used as an active speaker by wire.

Xiaoai Speaker Pro Smart Linkage

In terms of smart linkage with Mijia products, the performance of the Pro version still maintains the usual level since Xiaoai speakers. Thanks to the built-in infrared remote control array in the Pro version, it can be controlled for traditional home appliances that support infrared remote control. However, like the universal remote control version of Xiaoai speakers, infrared products that support voice control are limited to TV, set-top boxes, air conditioners and fans.

Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Pro

The Pro version also has a built-in Mesh Bluetooth gateway. You can connecte it to Bluetooth devices such as smart door locks and Mijia Bluetooth thermometer. For example, through the Mijia Bluetooth thermometer, when the indoor temperature reaches a certain temperature, the Xiaoai speaker automatically asks to turn on the air conditioner.

Xiaoai Speaker Pro App

In the APP application, the Pro version uses the same APP resources as all previous Xiaoai speakers. There is no question of whether or not to castrate. In the APP, after binding the Pro version speakers, you can set up the interconnection of various devices in the smart home. At the same time, there are also rich audio resources in the APP, such as QQ Music, Get, Himalaya, Dragonfly FM, etc. In addition to the Xiaoai speaker app, you can also choose to bind the product in the Mijia APP. In the setting options in the Mijia APP, you can only set the infrared remote control function, compared to the Xiaoai speaker In terms of the function settings of the APP.It is indeed simplified a lot.

Xiaoai Speaker Pro Key Features

  • 118mm bottle-like speaker is capable of offering powerful bass, 750ml large sound capacity.
  • 360 degree concert-like sound effect
  • Louder Volume More Bass
  • APP Control
  • Large music library

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