Buy The Xiaomi 36notes – A1 Smart Handwriting Notebook For Just $99.99

Xiaomi sometime ago launched the 36notes – A1 Smart Handwriting Notebook, which can translate notes, sketches, and drawings written by the user on a sheet of paper, digitally transferring them in a simple and immediate way inside the companion app. The digital notebook allows processing very elaborate writings and drawings, as you can see from the image below. Once you have finished your work, simply click on the “translation” button to find a digital copy of what you have just written/drawn.

Digital synchronization to App

The 36notes – A1 Smart Handwriting Notebook adopts high-precision electromagnetic sensing technology. This technology can digitize you handwritten content, display it in the App with low delay. The App would render it into high-definition vector pictures at the same time allowing your handwritten to be preserved without damage.

Pressure Pen No need to charge

The Handwriting Notebook comes with a pressure pen that doesn’t require charging. Passive electromagnetic touch control technology can be used to directly and transmit with the intelligent pen, without a series of cumbersome operation such as charging pairing, making your use more convenient

36notes - A1 Smart Handwriting Notebook from Xiaomi youpin Digital Management Handwritten Notes / Cloud Unlimited Storage / Free Community Sharing- Cherry Red

Double chip fast transfer, cloud unlimited storage

The Xiaomi 36notes – A1 Smart Handwriting Notebook adopts mode/digital high-speed conversion chip=bluetooth 5.0 chip to release more accurate and stable data transmission. The device keeps your handwritten information to the cloud without loss and shares data with multiple platforms of the account, with higher security and convenience.

Smart hall sensing control

The device features a hall sensor which is used to switch on and off the machine, the notebook is open automatically start, close automatically sleep, pure standby time longer than 300 days. It features a built-in large capacity of offline storage, records everything you want to record.

Accurate Identification supports multiple languages/complex formulas

The world advanced handwriting recognition engine, combined with machine learning handwritten text features, can intelligently distinguish between text and image. Specification writing will improve the recognition rate.

Main Features

  • The beauty of the combination of paper and pencil and technology, accurate recognition of handwritten content, digital management notes, unlimited storage in the cloud, free community sharing
  • Using passive electromagnetic touch technology, the sensor pen can be used without charging
  • The use of analog-to-digital high-speed conversion chip and Bluetooth 5.0 chip, while ensuring that the writing notes are accurately captured, achieve more stable data transmission and unlimited storage in the cloud
  • Using the world’s advanced handwriting recognition engine, combined with machine learning handwritten text features, intelligently identify text and images, and support multi-language and complex formulas
  • The tablet can be turned on when it is turned on, and it automatically sleeps when it is closed. The standby time is more than 300 days, and the writing time is up to 16 hours

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