Xiaomi 700Kids TF1 Child Deformable Balance Car Tricycle Ride and Slip Dual Mode Bike Offered For Just $129.99

Have you always wish to get a gift for your kids that would appreciate and love? or do you wish to get a gift for a friends kid, cousin, nephew, niece or little friend, then we got a real deal for you! Xiaomi released this product week back, this product is to please parents and put smiles on little faces. Through its crowdfunding platform, the Chinese company has developed an innovative and safety-conscious children’s Bike, called the Xiaomi Youpin Kids Deformable Dual Mode Bike. There are a couple of main selling points to the Dual Mode Bike. As a kids’ bike, you might expect that safety and developing cycling skills would feature prominently among them, and they do – but this innovation takes things even further. The bicycle itself has two forms. The first form is without pedals, and the second is with them(Riding and sliding mode).

Children’s bicycle without pedals might seem like a bizarre product to market at first, but there is a good reason for this unique design. Children who have recently learned to walk are often unstable on their feet. The pedal-less form of the Bicycle gives such children the opportunity to walk independently of adult help, without the fear of falling over. As they progress in their walking development, it familiarizes them with the bicycle in preparation for learning to ride. Once the pedals are attached, the child can begin to learn to ride as a natural progression from walking. Thus the Dual Mode Bike enables young kids to have independent mobility from a much younger age than usual.

Safety concerns are a priority for parents when choosing a child’s first bicycle. There are so many aspects to look out for that it can be difficult to find a bicycle that covers all of them. That was, until the advent of the Xiaomi Youpin Kids Deformable Dual Mode Bike. Xiaomi is really setting the bar for safety when it comes to children’s bikes. The Dual Mode Bike ergonometric design is completely free of sharp and rough edges that could otherwise hurt or injure a child. It has a soft seat and the entire body of the bicycle is covered with a soft foam. Braking is facilitated by an anti-slip handlebar which allows the child greater control over both steering and braking. The bike’s chain is also protected to ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with the child’s body. The bike is suitable for children aged 18 – 36 months with height of 85-120cm, it can bear weight of 20kg and you also have 3 colors to choose from, the pink, yellow and light Cyan

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Youpin Kids Deformable Dual Mode Bike

The Xiaomi Youpin Kids Deformable Dual Mode Bike is currently available on Gearbest for just $129.99, while it is available on Banggood for $130.99 and it comes with free shipping attached to the product.

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