70mai Saphir Smartwatch

Xiaomi 70mai Saphir Smartwatch Available At $116.99 [Coupon]

The world of smartwatches is evolving by leaps and bounds. Every month we find new, high-capacity models. Models like the Xiaomi 70mai Saphir Smartwatch are created to give you everything you need in the best possible way. This is a model designed so that you can find out about your state of health, be able to find out all kinds of information about your sports practice — everything you need on your wrist. And we are happy to inform you that currently, you can buy this smartwatch at a discounted price. You only have to apply the coupon that we suggest to you.

Coupon code: BG70MAI116
Price without coupon: $199.99
Coupon price: $116.99

Buy 70mai Saphir Smartwatch For $116.99

It features a microphone and the most spectacular Bluetooth connection capacity and is designed for everything you need. Keep reading and you will know why you need it on your wrist.

70mai Saphir Smartwatch

Large AMOLED Display

You’ll love this new smartwatch thanks to its awesome specs. Xiaomi 70mai Saphir Watch has been designed to allow you to enjoy it in the best possible way and therefore has a high-quality screen. This model has a 1.78″ AMOLED screen that has a resolution of 368 x 448 px touch, a spectacular screen and a rounded 2.5D sapphire glass so you can be more confident that it will not break. It is one of the most resistant screens you will find at the moment, capable of giving you everything you need without any problem.

70mai Saphir Smartwatch

It is one of the most complete models you will find. A smartwatch gives you much more than a conventional wristwatch, it allows you to get everything you want in the best way. You can use it everywhere, anytime. Thus, it is a well-equipped model with interesting sensors, including its heart monitoring sensor, acceleration sensor, gyro, geomagnetic sensor, barometric pressure sensor, and ambient light sensor. It even features a built-in GPS. Thus, you will agree with us that it is one of the most complete models on the market.

For you to enjoy all these features, you need to have your phone connected to your smartwatch. Both devices you can connect easily as it supports Bluetooth v5.0 connection. With this capacity, you will be able to do everything you want without any problem and have the most spectacular and stable connection you will be able to have at this moment.

17 Sports Modes for Your Use

As a good sports smartwatch, this model is one of the best you will find. So that you can practice all kinds of sports, this model has 17 sports modes, so that you can do everything you set out to do, adapting it to each sport you want to do.

70mai Saphir Smartwatch

Spectacular Battery and Resistance

As for its design, its tough materials provide it with great resistance. It has a resistance of 5ATM. It offers you everything you need to enjoy it. Plus, in terms of autonomy, this model features a 320 mAh battery. That offers you a capacity of use of up to 10 days with the sensors activated and you can extend it up to 20 days without them. With a single charge, you will have almost a month of power.

70mai Saphir Smartwatch Key Features

  • Scratch-free & Crystal Clear

The cover glass adds dimensions to the display with its finely cut metallic borderline, a near-diamond hardness & a great light transmittance, on a sandblasted aluminum alloy watch base.

  • Long Battery Life, Up To 20+ Days

Xiaomi 70mai Saphir Watch can continuously work for 20+ days under the basic watch mode and up to 30 hours with the GPS continuously working.

  • 17 Sports Modes&5ATM Water Resistance

Packed with 17 sports modes and 5ATM waterproof, it can also support various sports activities.

  • Exercise Smarter Boost Your Results

Real-time tracking your work out performance and deliver important insights for your better results.

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Where to buy

We find the offer compilation about 70mai Saphir Smartwatch on Gizcoupon, the best price is $116.99. [Coupon Code: BG70MAI116] If the deal has expired, please go to Gizcoupon to view the latest offer for this product.

Buy 70mai Saphir Smartwatch For $116.99

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