Xiaomi 70mai TP03 portable Digital electric pump Offered for $36.99

A new portable pump has arrived from the Xiaomi / 70mai pair called 70mai TP03. The car can also withstand wheels and inflate even an empty tire in 5 minutes and can be used continuously for 30 minutes.  Not very expensive, currently available for $36.99

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It looks like this

The Xiaomi 70mai TP03 portable Digital electric pump is a rectangular black box with a display and buttons. As shown, the compressor is compact enough to be held even in the car’s glovebox. It has a dimension of 164 * 148 * 54mm and the weight is 780g. It is built of quality materials, both on the outside and where it is more important, ie on the inside. It has a generous screen (very useful for such a product), where the set pressure is displayed. It has only 4 buttons, through which you can set or find the pressure on the wheels.

It has no battery and must be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter. The power cable is long enough (it measures 3.2 meters), and the one that connects to the wheel is also 0.7 meters long. Comes with several accessories included in a separate compartment, which allow its use for a wide range of products (bicycle, ball, mattress, etc.). It promises to run for 30 minutes without a break. A car wheel can inflate it completely in just 5 minutes. It stops on its own when it reaches the set pressure.

Clever design, everything fits in, no need to store separately

It works like this

The device gets power from the car’s battery on a three-meter cable, so all you have to do is plug it into the valve and you’re already pushing in air. It has intelligent pressure management and the pressure can also be set and a target pressure can be set.

It comes with 3 different connectors so others can be pumped with it

70MAI Midrive TP03 seems to be a quality product, but due to the fact that it must be powered by a power source in order to be used, it does not offer the same portability that you have if you use a battery-powered compressor. Given that it is a bit cheaper than the model produced by Xiaomi, I think it can be a good choice for those who want a car compressor and that’s it, without planning to inflate other things with it. What do you say?

Where to Buy The Xiaomi 70mai TP03 portable Digital electric pump

The Xiaomi 70mai TP03 portable Digital electric pump is currently available on Gearbest for $44.99

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