Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router Offered for $61.99: First Xiaomi Gaming Router

Our favorite company Xiaomi does not relax. Just days ago, the company officially launched three new devices. First of all, it is the top-of-the-line Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router AC2100. Two wireless speakers were also introduced XiaoAI Speaker a XiaoAI Speaker Pro. But today we would be talking about the Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router which is already available for purchase.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router AC2100

The Xiaomi AC2100 Wi-Fi router supports IPV6 and is optimized for Xiaomi smart home features. It features a Gigabit Ethernet port and Gigabit dual-band Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It has built-in 4 high-performance antennas with a 6-channel signal amplifier. The built-in antennas are designed so as not to reduce the signal or coverage caused by incorrect antenna positioning.

Excellent coverage without disturbing elements

The Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router AC2100 has integrated two-way and four-way low-interference amplifiers into wireless Wi-Fi chips to improve signal and coverage. Even a built-in NetEase UU accelerator is available to improve gaming performance on consoles while playing over a network.

The newspaper is also a functional Low-Density Parity Check Code (LDPC) error correction algorithm that improves channel noise cancellation and transmission efficiency.

The AC2100 features an 880 MHz dual-core high-speed processor and 128 MB of memory. Along with 128 MB of storage space, multiple devices are seamlessly connected at the same time.

Also new is its Wave2 Mu-MIMO technology (multiple-input and multiple-output), which allows multiple terminals to communicate at the same time.

Design for efficient cooling

The cylinder-shaped router has already proven itself in Xiaomi in the past. The reason is not only the built-in antennas, but also the dissipation of the generated heat. The entire device has a three-dimensional heat dissipation structure, and the airflow duct cooperates with a large-area heat sink to effectively lower the temperature.

Where To Buy

The Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router on Gearbest for just $61.99. This is a very nice price consideering its specs an features. So do well to get one while the offer last.

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