Xiaomi AI night vision video doorbell now for just $64.67

Xiaomi, well known for its low budget and with high specification gadgets. The China brand has introduced a new device in the market, a doorbell. The Xiaomi AI face identification night vision video doorbell. Security is an essential part of our everyday lives, and we cannot let this sector of our lives loose. Xiaomi, by manufacturing such kinds of devices helps us to maintain our security. You may always want to know who is standing outside the door, an image or video of the person will be of great help. Well, through this you have full control over the security of your home through this device, and Xiaomi provides it at a lower price.

Video doorbells are both convenient and secure to your home as it helps in streaming a live vision of the doorstep to your multimedia device, whether you are on the other side of the door or the other side of the world. The Xiaomi has built up this device which not only shows you the vision of your doorstep but also has motion sensors, face detecting solution and of course a night vision technology. The Xiaomi AI Face Identification 720P IR Night Vision Video Doorbell Set is filled in with all these features in a small pack. It is called a watch guard with ingenious features. Xiaomi AI night vision has a detection range of 3 meters. It means that as soon as you come within its scope, a notification is sent to the register number along with the video of a few seconds.

Xiaomi Doorbell


The Xiaomi AI face identification night vision video doorbell is given a simple and sober look. You can install it on your doorstep without any hesitation, and it is compatible with any background.

Two objects come within the whole doorbell set, one of them is the doorbell itself and a receiver. Both the controls are made up of white ABS plastic. The doorbell has to be installed at your doorstep for sure, and the receiver remains with yourself. The doorbell has a classy look with two notches popped out if its body. This doorbell has a dimension of 6.10 x 2.30 x 11.10 cm and weighs only 280 grams: the camera section and the button for ringing the doorbell. It has been made sleek and small so that it does not lo0k too much odd. The Bell has a glue rubber pad behind itself. It helps in the easy installation of the device.

The receiver has the speaker output at the front. The highly prized holes at the center with reducing radius as it reaches to the edges look very good. The receiver has three buttons on its side to facilitate the volume, radiations and other functions of the set.

The devices can be installed through the double-sided tape which is included with the tools. The company and I both prefer hanging off the machines as it is more durable and stable. You can use it in any place, and it will go on everywhere.

Xiaomi Doorbell


The  Xiaomi AI face identification night vision video doorbell uses artificial intelligence. It knows when a family member or an unknown person is at the door. When someone rings the ring, you will receive an instant notification on your phone. You will be able to see and talk in real time through the app. The ringer works with four batteries that guarantee up to 6 months of battery life. The cells are built up using the AAA technology and the Fastwake technology. Now let me slowly introduce to the various factors of the device.

The camera in the doorbell has been provided with a high-resolution video recording capability. It has a resolution of 1280*720 pixel. So, you need not worry about the quality of the video you will be getting, and the infrared diode also helps in recording at any light conditions. Whether it is a daytime or a night time, you will remain secure. It also provides you with a broader angle of picture capturing 105 degrees of field view. It is quite an excellent coverage of the view ensuring you maximum security.

Xiaomi Doorbell

The device and the receiver can be kept at a maximum distance of 50 meters. Well, that is quite a particular distance, I here mean that you can keep it at any corner of your house and will not lose the connection, thanks to the upgraded intercom service. Through this device, you can communicate with the person standing outside while getting a full view of the person.


The device is connected through a WIFI network, and the receiver has to be first connected to a current source of 230 V. It connects to the main doorbell outside and your smartphone even. It means that you can configure and operate your device through your smartphone without carrying an additional tool with yourself for this work.

There are various kinds of ringtones set for you to modify according to your choice. It will not keep you irritating with the same tone every time, and you can change it according to your preference — the additional feature of turning the loudspeakers on. It means you can even hear what is going on at your doorstep while you are with the other device. This feature personally impresses me as sounds make you even more alert.

There is an auto recorder set up on the device. You will have a video of the person in a few seconds. This feature in the security sector increases the relieve from threats or other happenings that may occur with you.

Xiaomi Doorbell

Special features:

You are already well accustomed to the specifications of the device. But let me give a quick review once again in case if I might have missed some points in the above sections.

The  Xiaomi AI face identification night vision video doorbell allows you to record videos of who so ever is at the gate and sends it to your device in a video format. There can be a total of 4 devices connected at once with the doorbell. It means if you aren’t near your phone then it is not a matter to worry, other members in the house also have access to what you have and can do the same work you do.

It works upon an artificial intelligence technology, that is it recognizes the faces of the persons visiting you and even keeps a record of them. The total coverage is sum up to be in an area of 3 meters and 105degrees wide angle. The Mi home application helps you connect the devices within itself and provides you with a better-secured environment you can also have a video conversation with the person standing outside. This feature helps a lot as sometimes you are suspicious about the person standing out, but you have no other way than to let him inside to talk. Through this video chat, you will be more secure, and your suspicions can also be handled.

Xiaomi Doorbell

Overall verdict:

The  Xiaomi AI face identification night vision video doorbell comes as a full prove security device for your home, office, shop or any place where you need reliable security. The face identification technology makes it a more desirable product.

There are many more electronic doorbells in the market. But Xiomi has given a new version of it providing security along itself. There is rarely such device in the market which can assure you such protection with assurance. This product is likely to be the most in demand in one of its kind because there is no comparable device launch yet.

Now it is time for you to decide if you want an ordinary doorbell which only rings when you press the buttons. Or you would like to have a doorbell which gives you not only a ringing tone but also many more specifics about the person standing outside. Such devices are likely to be of a higher price range, but as xiaomi promises best gadgets at a low price, it has a price tag of only $69.99. It is a minimal amount a person should pay for his security. You should never compromise when it comes to the matter of security, so I strongly recommend you this product.

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