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Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier 2

Thanks to Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier 2, you can make your home fresher and more relaxing. This product will thoroughly purify the atmosphere. Due to its 4L capacity tank and antibacterial material, it will bring you a perfect environment. 

This device has only 4.3kg weight and 24 x 24 x 36.3cm in size. The package includes the humidifier itself, power cable, manual, and CN plug. The humidifier supports MIJIA App control and XiaoAI Voice control. Hence, you can also give voice commands to turn on and use the device.  

Coupon code: BGCZO4ZM
Price without coupon: $180.99
Coupon price: $120.99

Pinlo Mini Steam Baking Oven

The Pinlo mini steam baking oven is a Xiaomi Youpin product, which will become an irreplaceable friend in your kitchen. Although it has compact sizes, it can bake steaks, cakes, chicken wings, skewers, shrimps, egg tarts, etc. The weight of the oven is 3.38kg, and the product size is 31.3 x 24.1 x 22.8cm. Hence, it has a similar length and width to A4 paper, so you can place it in various spaces.

The oven is equipped with time and temperature control: 0-30 minutes free timing and 0-2300C temperature setting. This Pinlo oven has a strong metal panel material and tempered glass plate. The glass plate allows following the process and figures out what to do next. Furthermore, the product features an 800W upper and lower quartz tube, fast heat dissipation, and 10L capacity.  

Coupon code: BGCOMK140
Price without coupon: $130.99
Coupon price: $107.99

Roborock S6 Vacuum Cleaner

The Roborock S6 vacuum cleaner is 20% faster than its previous version. Thanks to its upgraded algorithms, the product finds out the fastest way to clean your room.

The Roborock S6 sports a 480ml dust box capacity and 140ml water tank. Besides, it uses a 5200 mAh Li-on battery and self-charging function. Hence, it is suitable for even big houses. You can even clean a room or schedule for each room in one click.

There are two cleaning modes for this device: SLAM mode and automatic route planning. Thus, due to the remote control and scheduling function, you will have fun when using the Roborock S6 vacuum cleaner.

Coupon code: BGCZBGHYTS6
Price without coupon: $685.99
Coupon price: $509.99

 Xiaolang Smart Clothing Disinfection Dryer

The Xiaolang smart clothing dryer is available in 32 x 32 x 68cm sizes. One of the most important features of this product is that in process of drying, the equipment removes the ultraviolet rays of bacteria. Hence, you and your child will be away from any bacteria virus.  

Speaking about the process of drying, due to the 3600 soft air circulation, the heat flow fills the drying environment. Then, the clothes become comfortable for drying under 750C constant temperature. Thus, the product absorbs moisture and gently dries your clothes without harming them. It is worth reminding that the dryer has a 35L capacity and can carry 5-10kg clothes.

Coupon code: BGXLDRYER
Price without coupon: $150.99
Coupon price: $95.99

Smate SX-01 LED Light Sterilizer

Have ever thought about sterilizing your smart device via reliable equipment? The Smate SX-01 is here now. Personal products, such as smartphones or air pods, can gather bacteria. Hence, sterilizing them is good for hygiene.

This product has 3 modes to dry and disinfect your small handset completely. These modes are hot air drying, double UV, and angle sensing. You just need to press the button to choose the relevant mode. Having a strong ABS material, the long lifespan is guaranteed. The product has 300g of weight and 169 x 87 x 80mm of dimensions.

The Smate SX-01 is an energy-saving and low power consumption item. It has a simple structure, low noise, and safety elements.  

Coupon code: BGDESTECZ
Price without coupon: $49.99
Coupon price: $24.99

Xiaomi Water Purifier 400G Enhanced Edition

The Xiaomi water purifier 400G enhanced edition comes with RO reverse osmosis technology with deep water purification. The pure wastewater ratio is 2:1. This item has comfortable sizes: 9.3kg of weight and 381 x 127 x 420mm dimensions. The thickness of the product is 127mm.

Speaking about the power of the 400G enhanced edition, the output water speed reaches 1L/min. So, you can fill your 150ml cup in 8.8 seconds. The most impressive feature of this product is when the filter element needs replacement you will see an orange light. Hence, if you see a blue light, do not worry.

Coupon code: BGCZMR432D
Price without coupon: $350.99
Coupon price: $260.99

VIOMI Cleaning Cabine

The 99.999% of sterilization rate tells everything about this product. The VIOMI cleaning cabine can meet the needs of up to 6 families. The item has a 495 x 410 x 362mm compact body, and you don’t need to install it somewhere. Having a 55L large capacity, it easily handles and cleans dishes or bottles.

The VIOMI cabine is equipped with a sliding cover design, which prevents dust and bacteria from entering inside the item. Under 750C drying temperature + UV ultraviolet sterilization, you will easily disinfect and dry your utensils.

Coupon code: BGCOMK147
Price without coupon: $159.99
Coupon price: $104.99

Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Blackboard

The Xiaomi MIJIA LCD blackboard is a perfect Christmas gift for not only kids. Being made of ABS material, this product will serve you longer than you can expect. The item weighs 0.7kg including a button battery and has 438 x 346mm sizes.

The blackboard supports a clear and eye-catching display and provides a real writing experience of traditional paper. The LCD screen is an energy-saving one: it only consumes when the screen is cleared. According to calculations, the button batteries will last up to 365 days, if you clear the screen 100 times a day. What’s even more impressive is that the blackboard uses a lock screen key, which prevents content from being deleted by mistake.

Coupon code: BGMIO221
Price without coupon: $54.99
Coupon price: $48.99

Multitasker Laptop Backpack

The Multitasker backpack comes with a stylish design, which is perfect for both traveling and working. The item has 100% polyester material and softback type. It is available in two colors: black and grey.

One of the most important features of this backpack is that it is made of waterproof and durable fabric. Hence, this laptop bag will ensure secure and long usage every day and protect your belongings. Besides, the storage of the backpack can carry a 15.6-inch laptop as well as books, lunch, clothes, etc.

Coupon code: BGFDC15
Price without coupon: $74.99
Coupon price: $23.99

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