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MIIIW Credit Card Holder

At a glance, the MIIIW Business Card Holder is very similar to the Mi Powerbank. With a luxurious, sturdy aluminum enclosure, the Business Card Holder exudes elegance. This aluminum shell, which has undergone an anodizing treatment that makes it tough, improves scratch resistance, wear resistance and sweat damage.

Not only durable, the Card Business Card Holder is also quite compact with measurements of 109.1 x 65.7 x 11.5mm respectively. This means that the entire product is only 11.5mm thick. It’s significantly smaller than a 5.5-inch smartphone, with two curved edges that make it feel as comfortable as possible.

At the same time, the MIIIW Card Holder also incorporates a magnetic magnet system to prevent the inner card holder from falling outward. With a large number of compartments in combination with the optimum size.

Coupon code: BGJK522
Price without coupon: $19.65
Coupon price: $13.99

Xiaomi Touchless Faucet Sensor

The Automatic Sense Infrared Induction Water Saving Device contains 6 sets of adapters, meeting your different needs. When the sensor enters the bottom sensing area (within 10 cm), the water began to flow out. When the sensor leaves, water stops flowing out.

It is a White-coloured water saving device, which is equipped with chargeable battery that can be charged via USB port. The sensors are playing a crucial role to help you wash your hands, fruits, or any other objects, without turning the Tap on.

The Xiaomi Induction Water Saving Device uses infrared technology base to provide you with immediate water flow all the time. It takes around 2.5 hours to be charged fully to provide you with a service span of around 2-5 months. Moreover, the USB charging port is there to make it easy and smooth charging plugin.

Coupon code: 935d63 
Price without coupon: $25.99
Coupon price: $24.99

Wowstick 1F+ 64 In 1 Electric Screwdriver

The Xiaomi Wowstick 1F + delivers a minimalist black color design and a stable aluminum alloy metal finish. Its size resembles a standard ballpoint pen, but in its body hides a Li-Ion battery with a battery life of up to 8 hours. The latter can be charged by the micro USB connector in about 40 minutes.

The screwdriver includes an automatic stop function to prevent the thread from twisting. If you decide to screw just with this motorized screwdriver, the LED lamp, as well as a pair of dual modes (0.15 / 3 Nm) will definitely help.

The screwdriver speed is 200 rpm. However, as the right handyman, you also need the right set of reductions. Accessories for this device are up to 56 pieces of various attachments , and there is also a practical stand. The package even includes a magnetic washer to catch the screws.

Coupon code: BGCZWO12
Price without coupon: $37.99
Coupon price: $32.99

Xiaomi Deerma Steam Iron

The Xiaomi Deerma steam iron adheres to a minimalist white design line with dimensions 190 x 91 x 240 mm and weight only 1,1 kg. Its handle can be folded. So it is also suitable for carrying and easier storage.

At the very top of the device, there is a water tank with a capacity 100 ml. This strategic position helps the iron to iron at almost any angle. However, with a lower water level in the tank, it will no longer be possible to iron vertically. So it needs to be refilled or repositioned more often.

Deerma steam iron

Its powerful electric 800 W the engine heats the steam up to 160°C and XNUMX°C and the manufacturer promises that steam will get through the fabric of the garment itself, which some irons cannot. The Deerma iron is built for fast ironing. The steam is protected for a while 10 seconds. which is sufficient to level the required area.

Coupon code: BGHS011DMCZ
Price without coupon: $33.99
Coupon price: $30.99

Mijia Drawing Tablet

The MIJIA drawing tablet is available in a 10-inch and 13.5-inch sizes. It maintains the white minimalist style of Xiaomi products. It uses a pressure-sensitive LCD display screen with a high screen ratio. The device also has an ultra-light magnetic stylus. The tablet weighs only 7 grams, making it easy to carry around. You can use the tablet as a business assistant to take notes and illustrate ideas during a presentation. On the other hand, you can use it as a family message board and children’s graffiti creative tools.

The screen uses a custom LCD film formula and has been further upgraded in terms of color contrast, writing feel, and note thickness. It can be as natural and clear as paper painting. By the way, the screen is safe for the eyes as it doesn’t beam any harmful blue light. So, if you have any kind of eye vision or another eye problem, this tablet will not remind you about that, as it is not harmful for your eyes.

The rear panel of the tablet is made from ABS material with well-chamfered edges. The tablet also comes with a magnetic pen which uses four neodymium iron boron magnets for easy access and storage.

The MIJIA digital writing tablet uses a button battery that can last up to 365 days even when the screen is cleared up to 100 times daily. It consumes only a small amount of power when clearing the screen. Unfortunately, there isn’t any reference to any option of saving write-ups for future reference. It is just a basic “write and wipe” tablet just like a writing board.

Coupon code: BGUEX426
Price without coupon: $17.69
Coupon price: $16.13

Xiaomi Mijia 24 In 1 Screwdriver

The Xiaomi Mijia screedriwer contains 24 kinds of different heads for all cases. So you won’t meet any difficulties when repairing or disassembling electronic products. It even comes in a stylish box. The latter is made of high-precision aluminum alloy material. The surface uses a sandblasting anode treatment and anti-corrosion cover. The screwdriver is made of the same material to support the magnetic absorption. The storage supports the magnetic absorption as well. So, the heads won’t fall off even if the box is fully turned over.

Discounted price: $19.99

VIOMI bottle

The Viomi bottle not only comes with a security lock but also is made of steel and plastic, double-walled as it should be. It weighs 205 grams and has a storage capacity of 300 milliliters. We can buy it in black and white. So it can be a good gift for both women and men during the winter water to take hot tea with them.

Coupon code: BGDEFR349
Price without coupon: $19.83
Coupon price: $16.99

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