Xiaomi AQara ZNGZDJ11LM Curtain Motor Offered For $135.99

Aqara intelligent tubular motor is an electric intelligent curtain motor that can automate curtains such as ordinary roller blinds and Shangri-La curtains. Built-in Zigbee wireless communication module, with a gateway for remote control, time switch, and multi-device intelligent linkage

Xiaomi has proven to be a company that has a great capacity to manufacture all kinds of devices; of course, this is achieved thanks to their multiple commercial deals, as well as the different brands with which they are associated. One of these brands is Aqara, which has created the new Aqara Smart Curtain Motor. This device consists of a curtain that folds automatically, it was launched the first version in 2017, however, this new model is quite different from its first generation, because this time it comes with an integrated battery.

Main Features:
• Rated torque: 8N – m
• Wireless connection: Zigbee
• Rated speed: 17r / min
• Work system: S2 4min
• Protection level: IP44
• Rated power: 98W
• Rated voltage: 220 / 230V 50 / 60Hz
• Rated current: 0.43A
• Insulation grade: H
• Mijia APP

What does the Aqara Smart Curtain Motor offer?

Thanks to the fact that it has its own battery, it doesn’t require cables to work perfectly, so it is much easier to take anywhere. This product is basically a curtain for the window that can be manipulated wirelessly. It works by means of a low power ZigBee communication protocol system through the Mi multifunctional smart entry door, with which it can be connected directly to the home network where all devices of the same type are located. In short, the curtains can be controlled by means of a Smartphone that has the Mi application.

Through this application, the user has the ability to program a schedule in which the curtains will open and close automatically, and at the same time can use the curtains through the XiaoAI voice system. In its design, it has a switch that will allow us to open and close them with just a touch. The device also connects to the Mi start sensor, so that when the user approaches the window, the start sensor will automatically activate the opening of the blinds and, as soon as the user leaves, the blinds will close.

In addition to this, the motor of the Aqara Smart Curtain Motor has a tactile start function, so, with a simple pull, the blinds will start to open and if it encounters any kind of obstacle they will stop.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Aqara Smart Curtain Motor

The Xisomi Aqara Smart Curtain Motor is currently available on Gearbest for $135.98

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