XIAOMI BOBOT Window Cleaning Robot now available for $358.99

Xiaomi already has a sturdy stand in the vacuum cleaner industry with a line of worthy products at budgeted prices. Now, they have introduced the XIAOMI BOBOT Window Cleaning Robot with exceptional sensor features.

The company has enriched this windows cleaner with a compact design and lightweight body. Further, it includes inbuilt intelligent probe sensor and multiple security systems for accident-free cleaning process at your home.

xiaomi bobot window cleaning robot

The XIAOMI BOBOT is a great tool to clean windows glass, ceramic tiles, frame and frameless glasses, and smooth floors etc. The Bobot WIN3060 creates routes intelligently and works with strong anti-falling sensor.

There is a powerful suction motor with 2500pa vacuum suction, 7.0kg vertical pull strength, 4-meter safety rope double connector, 4M power cord, 600 mAh battery to work for 40 minutes, and 2.4G wireless remote-control device to manage the operations.

XIAOMI BOBOT Window Cleaning Robot Features and Specifications

Colour and Design

By design, the XIAOMI BOBOT is a square-shaped device. Further, it comes in a single Black colour to manage exquisite design. The lines are smooth with R-shaped corners.

The front side has a brand logo and a handle to hold it. The physical parameters are 250x250x97mm and the weight is 1.35 kg.

xiaomi bobot window cleaning robot

Multiple Use

Similarly, the XIAOMI BOBOT Window Cleaning is able to clean various surfaces like windows glass (framed and frameless), Ceramic tiles, Smooth Floors, Tables or wall surfaces.

Therefore, it can handle all of your sanitation tasks intelligently. The performance is unbeaten with powerful inbuilt features. You do not need to put yourself at risk while cleaning outside window glass at height using ladder etc.

XIAOMI BOBOT Window Cleaning Robot Motor

Moreover, the Xiaomi Bobot WIN3060 has a powerful DC motor with less noise and 75W power. It will work at a noise level of <65dB and ensures multi-directional cleaning with firm results.


For emergency use, the company also installs a 600 mAh Li-ion battery in the XIAOMI BOBOT Window Cleaning Robot. It can work for 40 minutes on a single charge in 1 hour. Further, cleaner takes only 2 minutes to clean 1m2 area.

Remote Control

The Bobot WIN3060 Windows Cleaner also has a 2.4G remote controller to handle the things from the couch.

Additional Features

Also, the XIAOMI BOBOT has inbuilt probe sensor, 4M power cord, 4M safety rope, 150 KG load bearing capacity, 2500pa vacuum suction, 3 cleaning routes, and multiple security features.


The cost of the XIAOMI BOBOT is $358.99 after a huge 48% discount on Banggood store. Click to buy now:

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