Xiaomi Cactus Mosquito Killer, buy at price of $14.99

Being the leading tech company, the Xiaomi is occupying every sphere of the market by introducing innovative ideas. Now, it is ready with their insect killer machine to surprise the market with outstanding specifications. The Xiaomi Cactus Mosquito Killer is the product from Xiaomi for home and office use. The device comes with a USB charging system and provides eco-friendly protection from the mosquitos.

Unlike traditional mosquito-killing methods, the Xiaomi Cactus Mosquito Killer provides safe and comfortable use without emitting any kind of air or noise pollution.

Xiaomi cactus mosquito killer

It is designed with a 368nm UV Light Trap to induce the insects and then inhaled them into the mosquito storage box.

Overall, the mosquito killer machine by Xiaomi is an effective way to show the mosquitos a Red light and ensures 100% protection against them.

Xiaomi Cactus mosquito Killer Features:


The Xiaomi Cactus Mosquito Killer comes in a dual-color combination of the White and Light Green. Further, the cactus design is excellent to look and best for home and office use.

The device weighs only at 307g which makes it the product of every corner. The cylindrical shape body provides better grip to hold and can be placed anywhere in your home.

Xiaomi cactus mosquito killer

UV Lamp

Based on non-toxic and non-volatile features, the Cactus Mosquito Killer uses UV light and therefore minimizes the visual disturbances. It provides decay of bionic breath and harmless light wave and best for night time use.

360-degree Air-duct Design

The Xiaomi Mosquito Killer contains 360-degree air-duct design to expand the air intake so that it can catch the mosquitos more efficiently.

Xiaomi cactus mosquito killer

Eco-Friendly Functionality

Using the Xiaomi Cactus Mosquito Killer, one will enjoy smokeless, dustless, and noiseless service. Therefore, the users will not face any respirational discomforts and other ill-effects.

USB Charging

Most importantly, the product is supported by most of the smartphone chargers and power banks. It provides USB charging facility which is quick and easy.

One Button Control

Furthermore, the Cactus Mosquito Killer is easy to operate with one-key control. The switch is located on the top of the fuselage for quick on/off modes.

Xiaomi cactus mosquito killer

Removable Mosquito Storage Box

Besides, the device includes a removable mosquito storage box for easy cleaning and washing. Hence, the box is ready for reuse every time.


The price of the product is $14.99 on Banggood online store. Click to buy now:

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