XIAOMI Cayo Anno Electronic Password Box Intelligent Safe Box Offered For $283.99

The Youpin platform of Xiaomi is known by users for offering a great variety of products. Many of them are not from the company but from other manufacturers, but this does not mean that they are not part of the Mi ecosystem. Based on this premise, Xiaomi has returned once again to include excellent articles from other companies in Youpin, and one of them is a smart safe called Cayo Anno; let’s get to see its innovative features?

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– Made of great quality special alloy steel, it is very durable and firm.- Through many times of forging, high density- Electronic monitoring and real time remote alarm.- Keyless operation- Electronic password and digital password

Smart functions of the Cayo Anno safe

Cayo Anno has been manufactured by the company Ningbo Lejia Security Technology Co., Ltd. It comes with several layers of titanium reinforcement to make it safer. In addition, it is resistant to corrosion and any kind of brute force. What makes it more interesting is that in addition to its opening through an encrypted code, it is also possible to open it through a mobile APP that is part of the Mi ecosystem.

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Not only that, from your smartphone you can even know when the safe has been opened for the last time, or you can open the door remotely without problems. In case someone tries to open it forcible, the APP will also send a notification to the mobile at the exact moment.

It comes in two colors, “pure white” and “black gray”. As for its dimensions, they are 300 x 300 x 400mm and has a total weight of 20kg. It is currently available on Banggood for $283.99.

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