XIAOMI COMO LIVING Single Dormitory Mosquito Nets Offered For $70.99

Like we all know, during the summer, mosquitoes tend to flood the house as though they are the owner of the house. According to World Health Organization, more than half of the world is at great risk of malaria, if the mosquitoes in our houses are not dealt with. To deal with mosquitoes, we usually use physical methods such as the use of fly pat, but this method is power-consuming and also not efficient enough. There are also biological and chemical weapon methods, mosquito repellent, toilet water and mosquito coils, but these are still somewhat dangerous and irritating to the human body. The other thing is that the young Buddhists have no desire for anything and no spirit to let go of Dafa, pretending not to hear it, completely ignoring these annoying little creatures, letting them suck blood, and do not move like a mountain. Xiaomi has come with an amazing net that wouldn’t let these mosquitoes have access to you.

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XIAOMI COMO LIVING Single Dormitory Mosquito Nets Without Installation Personal Bed Mosquito Net features

  • Easy to install, you can isolate mosquitoes from mosquito nets in an instant, and you can have your own private space in the dormitory.
  • Portable U-shaped Door, Free And Spacious; It adopts U-shaped door with 3 sides to open and close, 1.7m high and open design, does not block the view after winding, and the space is very wide. 
  • High Quality Mesh, 360° Anti-mosquito The mesh yarn adopts the encrypted honeycomb mesh structure, the three sides are closely connected, the top breaking force is strong, and the durable and not easy to break. 
  • Spring Wire, Tough And Firm; The use of 2.3mm spring steel wire can ensure the support force and can increase the flexibility so that the mosquito net is more stable and durable. The outer layer is plastic coated to make the steel wire resistant to oxidation and not easily rust
  • Enclosed Mosquito Net Design; Closed mesh, laying mats and other mats on the mesh, the mosquito nets are more stable. The surrounding telescopic strap design is fixed and will not move. The bottom and sides form a solid triangular angle, which can be rolled inside without worrying about falling things.

Where To Buy The XIAOMI COMO LIVING Single Dormitory Mosquito Nets

The XIAOMI COMO LIVING Single Dormitory Mosquito Nets is currently available on Gearbest for $70.99

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