Xiaomi Cotton Smith Heated Jacket Offered At $56.99 [Coupon]

Winter began, and Xiaomi would not be silent. The Chinese company presented the Xiaomi Cotton Smith Heated Jacket, which is currently available for only $56.99.

Price without coupon: $106.03
Coupon price: $56.99

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The Xiaomi Cotton Smith Heated Jacket has 100% polyester material with 90% goose down filler. The most important feature of this product is the heating system. This intelligent system is located in the back of the jacket. It has an automatic power-off opportunity, which means that it will power off after 3 hours of fever. Hence, it is safe and reliable, and you do not have to be careful and use a timer. Besides, it will warm up immediately in 1 second. Thus, you will not wait long.

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What’s even more impressive is its temperature modes, which makes the product more flexible. The Xiaomi Cotton Smith Jacket has 4 modes: 530, 480, 430, and 380. These modes have different power button colors (red, purple, green, and white, respectively) under the right pocket. Furthermore, the jacket is completely waterproof, so there is no risk during the rain.

Buy The Xiaomi Cotton Smith Intelligent Heating Down Vest For $59.99

In short, the Xiaomi Heated Jacket is a perfect and original Christmas gift for your relatives at a discounted price ($56.99).

Xiaomi Cotton Smith Jacket Features

  • Intelligent heating, automatic power off, safe, and reliable.
  •  Lithium battery power supply, rapid heating, brand battery.
  •  It will automatically power off after three hours of fever.
  • Graphene is thermally conductive. Ultra-light material.
  • 4 temperature modes. Warm-up immediately in 1 second.

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