Xiaomi curved display

Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 34-inch Sold Only For $418.99 [Coupon]

In the past, Xiaomi was just a smartphone manufacturer in everyone’s traditional impression. Now, Xiaomi is involved in more and more product categories. The Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 34-inch is Xiaomi’s first display, and it has aroused heated discussions among users. Now, this monitor is sold only for $418.99 after using our coupon.

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Xiaomi curved display

Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor Design and Materials

Take out the monitor from a huge box, the appearance design is simple. Although the refresh rate of 144Hz can be defined as a gaming monitor, Xiaomi’s official publicity does not highlight this point. The whole body is black and cold, and there is no exaggerated pattern or flashing lights like ordinary gaming monitors. This approach and idea are similar to its gaming notebook, which is low-key, people think it is a business notebook. On the one hand, less fancy design can save some money, on the other hand, the simple shape allows them to adapt to any environment, and it will not look weird to put it in the office.

This display inherits the essence of many Mijia products in the design details, such as the installation link, its bracket is liftable, and the connection part with the display does not require screws, but a snap structure, which can be locked or opened with one key; The four corners of this groove also have openings for the monitor hanger. To install the hanger, you must first screw on the four wall-mounted studs.

Xiaomi Monitor

Another highlight of the design is the magnetic bezel. The bezel can be directly removed from the back of the monitor and the bracket part that comes with it. The design between them and the fuselage is also screwless and not snap-fit, all using magnets. Suck together. The display part hides 1 power port, 2 HDMI 2.0, 2 DP1.4, and a 3.5 mm audio output port-normal level in the same level, enough. In addition, the magnetic baffle of the bracket part is open. There is a lot of space, all the lines can be routed into it, and it is very convenient to remove the whole piece.

Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor Screen Quality

This 34-inch display adopts a curved design, with a center curvature of 1500R, which is a relatively large curvature design. The advantage of this design is to increase the sense of immersion. Because the screens are all on the same plane, the distance between the center and the edge of the screen is not equal to the visual distance of the human eye. So it will cause slight visual distortion. The eyeball is looking at the center and edge of the screen.

Gaming E-Sports Monitor

Since you can play games, you can put it on your desk. The 34-inch hairtail screen can basically reach the point where the multi-tasking display is OK. It is officially announced that the resolution of this screen is 3440×1440 pixels, 21:9 ratio, 300 units brightness, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 144Hz refresh rate. It also supports AMD Free-Sync screen tear-proof technology. The official parameters say it can cover 121% sRGB and 85% NTSC color gamut.

Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor Advanced Features

In addition to handling the tangible quality of the screen, Xiaomi also pays close attention to the OSD menu that can be controlled by the side buttons. In addition to image settings, the menu can also manage a series of advanced functions designed to significantly improve multitasking capabilities. It includes several image presets, multi-window modes SBS and PiP , response speed settings and a special mode called LowBlue. It is designed to eliminate blue tones and prevent eye fatigue.

This monitor has four video input ports. Of course, such a long hairtail screen cannot be wasted. For this reason, Xiaomi has set an interesting function for it: connect two hosts to display at the same time.

There are three display modes. Single window is the normal mode. Left and right split screen and picture-in-picture allows users to choose two input sources and put the pictures of both machines on one screen. Either hosts or one host can be displayed in “Picture-in-Picture” mode without adjusting their respective resolutions.

Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor Key Features

  • 21:9 wide panoramic view.
  • Ultra-clear image with clear details.
  • High brightness, high contrast, and vivid picture quality.
  • 1500R large curvature surrounded the visual field, gives you an immersive experience.
  • 144Hz high refresh rate, fast responses, every action is faster.

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