Xiaomi Dreame V9 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Offered For $189.00

Xiaomi is now also a point of reference for household appliances and today Gearbest/Banggood offers us a preview of the new Dreame V9 wireless vacuum cleaner! Needless to say that if you want to buy a product with a very high quality/price ratio, you can only go about it.

Main Features:

  • Select five-fold filtration to filter dust particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Purchase imported power lithium battery pack, energy-saving mode operation about 60 minutes
  • Electric mites brush, deep cleaning mattress and fabric to rate of 99.9PCT
  • Dust cup capacity 0.5L, one button dumping, ten fingers do not dust
  • Using Space3.0 brushless digital motor, 0.3 seconds start, about 100,000 speed per minute
  • Charging time is about 3-4 hours,
  • Battery capacity 2500mAh, rated power 400W, rated voltage: 25.2V, suction power 120AW, vacuum 20kPa
  • Material: AB

The brand new Xiaomi DREAME V9 powerful wireless vacuum cleaner is a product that offers extraordinary performance and offers three levels of suction power with 100,000 rpm!

It is a powerful wireless vacuum cleaner with an elegant, slim and extremely portable design. Its weight of 1.5kg and the supplied accessories make it perfect for all domestic cleaning.

Thanks to the UV light included in the mattress and sofa cleaning brush, the mites will be eliminated and the DREAME V9 will become the best ally for allergy sufferers! With the powerful suction of 120AW, 20.000Pa, this wireless vacuum cleaner separates the dust from the airflow to 99.99% and all the dirt is accumulated in the easily removable and washable 0.5L container

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