Check out the new Xiaomi HIMO T1 Electric Bicycle with 120km range

Xiaomi, although known for launching smartphones, has also established its presence in the lifestyle products markets. So far, it has launched more than 44 products this year that are not part of its line of smartphones and, now, the company has presented another product, the Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1 bicycle, an electric scooter HIMO T1 with a maximum power reserve of 60 km (120 km when expanding) Obviously, this is a more powerful electric bike than their company’s previous generation. HIMO C20


Features of the new Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1

The company says that the Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1 is based on a patented design and the parts are carefully selected based on fire-resistant materials and paint. As for its design, The scooter is equipped with a touch screen control panel on the steering wheel. Its main feature is its quick response. The screen displays the battery charge level of the engine, as well as all available driving modes. The touch panel allows the user to start the engine and set up the driving process. The LED headlights are also activated on this screen. Their brightness level is 18,000 cd. On the sides of the steering wheel, there are switch-on buttons: emergency lighting, whistle, turn signals, brakes. Also, he affirms that the distance between distant and nearby lights is 15 meters for high light and 5 meters for low light.

Xiaomi presents the new bike Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1

The new Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1 bike is powered by a 350-watt brushless permanent magnet motor that is said to offer high-end performance. In addition, there is a tire of 90 mm wide and rubber of high elasticity of 8 mm in thickness, as well as the system of double brakes front and rear. While the front has a hydraulic disc brake, the rear wheel adopts a safe and durable drum brake system.

Features of the new Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1

The bike comes with a one-touch start button, as well as a multifunction combination switch and a touch button to control the bike while driving. In terms of battery life, The electric scooter engine consists of 13 lithium battery modules that provide 14,000 mAh of power. The energy is consumed in two modes – 14 Ah or 28 Ah. Depending on the selected mode, the maximum driving speed will change. There are special sensors on the control panel, which indicate the condition of the battery engine. One charge is enough to cover a distance of 60 km. If you drive at 25 km/h, you can drive up to 120 km.

The Xiaomi Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1 is currently available on Banggood for $1999.99

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