Xiaomi IMILAB EC3 Camera Offered At $56.99

The IMILAB brand, which belongs to the Xiaomi Group, is famous for its sophisticated security cameras for our homes. It now comes with the official European version of the Xiaomi IMILAB EC3 camera, which is based on the original Chinese version with the designation of IMILAB N2. The European IMILAB EC3 camera is not expensive at all due to its functions and now it is available for only $56.99 instead of $89.99.

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The Xiaomi IMILAB EC3 camera is not a robust device at all, and its dimensions are only 117 x 116 mm. On the other hand, it’s white, so it’s easy for anyone to notice. In addition to scanning, it also has a deterrent function against potential thieves.

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As it is an outdoor device, it must be able to withstand external conditions. This is what protection is for IP66, which guarantees resistance to water and dust. Therefore, the camera is resistant to rain, snow, sun, and dust. Hence, it can work at temperatures -20 to 60 ℃.

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The built-in signal is for signal transmission WiFi working on frequency 2.4 GHz. You can even use the camera as a WiFi Hotspot to extend the WiFi signal. Alternatively, you can choose to connect directly via LAN cable RJ45. The camera has two ways to connect to the network, wireless, or wired.

 Xiaomi IMILAB Outdoor Camera Features

  • IP66 Dustproof & Waterproof
    Supports cope with outdoor conditions
  • 110° Viewing Angle + 180° Rotation
    You can control the camera to rotate horizontally and vertically through MiHome App
  • 3MP 1080P FHD
    Built-in full HD lens module. It can record videos clearly no matter day or night.
  • Full-color Night Vision
    Supports capturing full-color videos in a low brightness environment.

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