Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer: 220V 1800W Electric Portable Negative ion Noise reducing offered for $199.99

when you see a pretty lady the first thing that attracts one or turned on off id the face and the main part of the face is the hair., a nicely done hair attracts and gives goo impression , that is why the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer is her to stay and put an end to all badly done hair giving you that extra ordinary look. The Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer achieves this because of its amazing features which we will get to find out. It dries the hair fast to prevent moisture that will result to hair loss, thanks to this technology, the JIMMY F6 hair dryer hydrates the hair, making it healthier, stronger and brighter.knowingly its already acting in place of hair product, this is automatically helping you save cost for hair product. Due to its high speed digital engine with a power of 1800 W and a powerful air jet of 18 l / S. Its turbo fan optimizes drying time.

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The JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer has an internal chip which constantly controls the air temperature thus avoiding damaging the hair from excessive heat. The chip controls the temperature 50 times per second it also comes in multiple mode i.e JIMMY F6 includes 3 air jet speeds, 3 temperatures (95 ° C for quick drying, 75 ° C for standard drying, 55 ° C for gentle drying) and 3 modes: cold air for longer duration styling, hot air to dry quickly, hot and cold air to dry and shape the hair.

it comes with an innovative U type double layer heating wire an constant temperature design, Air flow is evenly heated effectively to ensure that the outlet temperature is more even and more comfortably blowing to prevent uneven heating and over heating and gently protect your hair

The producer have the users comfort in mind that is why it comes with the  professional noise reduction technology as a result of its 17 leaf high speed turbo fan digital motor significantly reduced the noise generated by harmonic resonance of motor leaving only air flow sounds. you don’t have to quit that interesting conversation with your love ones simply because your are using a hand dryer.

The Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer has a magnetic connection styling nozzle that dries your hair in the direction you comb it and helps you create different hair styles and also helps in redefining curls and waves.

Where to buy the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer

The Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer is available at Geekbuying for $199.99

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