Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro Available At $215.99 [Coupon]

Xiaomi unveiled the latest version of its Mi Air Purifier machine. The new Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro comes in as a touched-up version of the Mi Air Purifier and Air Purifier 2 which had been in the market for some time running.  We are happy to inform you that currently you can buy this product at a discounted price for just $215.99. You only have to use the coupon that we suggest to you.

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Price without coupon: $262.07
Coupon price: $215.99


This smart gadget has got even smarter with the inclusion of an OLED display. It displays some parameters about the working condition of the gadget. This ensures users not to connect to the app to check how pure or impure the air around  is. The display adjusts its brightness automatically to suit the lighting condition of the surrounding, keeping it bright during the day and dimming the lights at night. There is a button which can be used to adjust the speed or turn it off.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

There is a cool LED ring around the display and it LED flashes different colors, depending on the nature of the air in the surrounding. The LED switches from green to orange and to red depending on how clean is the air. And of course, the red color indicates danger, while the green should be the safety mark.

The Mi Air Purifier can still pair with your smartphones, though, via the Mi Home app. So, you have an alternative means of checking the air quality and other relevant data via your smartphone. You can also control the purifier via voice promote thanks to XiaoAI smart assistant. On the other hand, you can integrate the product with other MIJIA IoT products.

Working principle

Apart from the display, the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro features a redesigned airflow path and pressure system. There is an improvement in the device’s Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) value from 406m3/h on the previous versions to 500m3/h. The new Air Purifier is also capable of covering an indoor area of 60 square meters, up from a working area of 48 square meters on previous Mi Air Purifiers. Xiaomi says there is a high precision laser sensor built into the device that can accurately detect particles of up to 0.3μm in diameter.

The Air Purifier features a more refined filter that can pick up particles like allergens, animal fur, formaldehyde, dust, pollen and cigarette smoke from the air.

 Mi Air Purifier Pro Key Features

  • Original Xiaomi smart air purifier is great for your daily use
  • Accurate laser sensor, it can quickly eliminate dust
  • The purification area is around 60 square meters
  • The indication light shows the air quality

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Where to buy

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