Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with IP55 water Offered for $46.99

After a long presentation where we could see various gadgets such as the new Xiaomi Mi Air 2 in addition to the revolutionary Mi Mix Alpha or the powerful Mi 9 Pro, the company has launched today a new portable speaker. My Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker calls itself this new weatherproof speaker thanks to its IP55 certification.

Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker comes as the best alternative for those who do not want to stop enjoying their favorite music abroad. And is that this new portable speaker offers us up to 8 hours of uninterrupted music thanks to its 2,600mAh battery.

In addition, it has Bluetooth 5.0 with which a high quality retransmission is guaranteed while providing low energy consumption. A USB Type-C port housed in its lower part is used for charging .

Inside we find a powerful 52mm speaker capable of offering powerful bass while ensuring high definition crystal clear and medium. Next to them two high-precision microphones are incorporated with which an advanced noise reduction system is achieved.

New portable outdoor speaker Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker. Xiaomi Addicted News

Perhaps the most attractive is given by its resistance to the weather , and is that this new Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker has IP55 certification providing great resistance to splashes, providing greater tranquility in outdoor use.

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