Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar

Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar Sold Only For $78.99 [Coupon]

Unlike the traditional TV speakers, the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar is designed in an all-in-one style very neat. It’s extremely compact, greatly saving space for users. Besides, the speaker also allows connection with many different devices such as TVs, smartphones, iPads, and tablets. This soundbar is now sold only for $78.99 after using our coupon.

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Price without coupon: $105.99
Coupon price: $78.99

Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar Performence

It has a SPDIF interface, a 16V 2.5A power adapter, and it can be mounted on the wall. The speaker size is quite long, 83cm. But it is lightweight of about 2kg. The Mi TV Soundbar supports Bluetooth 4.2 A2DP music playback. As for the external audio input interfaces, there are: 3.5mm stereo AUX input, optical input, coaxial input, and red and white audio input. Switching is very simple and rude, click the button directly on the upper panel.

Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar

The audio frequency response range of sound bar is 50Hz – 25000Hz.

In addition there are 8 sound units behind the cloth material. They are 2 20-core dome tweeters, 4 passive radiators, and 2 2.5-inch woofers. So the soundbar provides quite amazing sound performance.

You can connect the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar to TV. For this, users only need to go through 3 steps. The first is to connect the TV to the speaker device via the equipped SPDIF port interface. Then connect the device to a power source. Finally press the speaker start button. The SPDIF signal lights up. So you can start using the audio player.

Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar

Moreover there are two wall-hanging holes on the back of the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar. You might think two wall-hanging holes are strange. Because the design of the speaker wall hanging is very simple, you think you need a shelf for the TV wall hanging. This speaker doesn’t need it. Just measure the whole spacing on the wall, punch holes in the wall, and install the “expansion screws”. Nail the “screw” and the “screw” to the wall hole, and then hang the two holes on the back of the speaker to the “screw”.

Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar Key Features

  • 8 Sound units in order to restore true natural sound.
  • Simple one-cable connection to your TV with AUX, Line-in, SPDIF, or Optical.
  • Stream music from your smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth wireless audio.
  • Simple operation, easy connection to the TV.  

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