XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L Smart Air Purifier is now available for just $102.39

Xiaomi is a Chinese company which designed daily life use able products. The company provides product to the customer at very reasonable prices. Xiaomi designed Laptops, Smartphones, Smart watches, Electronic bikes, PC etc. Now company launches new XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L smart air purifier.

Feature & Specification:

The electric water valve developed by the light sound technology enables Mijia intelligent sterilization humidifier to determine accurately and stably when replenishing water, and to spread slowly so as to minimize the noise of replenishing water. It has bottom annular intake which helps to speed up the release of moisture. The noise of the air purifier is very less just 38dB is quite and not irritating. On the upper side this has Agglomeration spray nozzle. The nominal power is 25W and the voltage is 220V 50HZ.


This design saves your time and effort during adding water, you don’t need to separate the water tank and you don’t have to come and walk back. This is very light weight device which is easy to carry. This design air purifier is keep healthy to the body system. The steam of the air purifier is pushed out by a special electric valve. 

3 Gear Fog Mist Volume-

This has Low, Middle and High Gear. The low gear is perfect for spring season humidification, the middle gear perfect for summer season air-conditioned rooms humidification and high gear perfect for autumn & winter dry season humidification.

XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L smart air purifier

XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L Smart Air Purifier Large capacity water tank-

This has 4.5L large capacity water tank. In this water tank quite about 18 bottles of 250ml mineral water can adjust. Once added water can last humidity 12 hours 15 hour, say good bye to get up in the middle of the night. Large water tank is another advantage is you don’t need this water tank again and again quickly. There is a clear segmented state ring which shows humidification state in the dark. You can also tap the button to debug freely. The water gauge is transparent, which is best to see clear water quantity.

XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L smart air purifier

UV-C immediate sterilization and purification-

Clean water storage and humidify with healthy water sources. XIAOMI mijia is very intelligent before each humidification atomization of the dehumidifier. The water source must flow into the UV-C. There is Cold cathode is ultraviolet lamp tube with high light intensity, Sterilization is eliminate bacteria of the water source and real time form for immediate cleaning.

XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L Smart Air Purifier Price: 

The new XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L smart air purifier is now available at just $102.39 from Banggood. The website is providing the product at the promotional price, so avail your product now.

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