Xiaomi Mijia Automatically Touchless Foaming Dish Dispenser Offered For Just $14.99(Coupon)

If you are a recurrent follower of this page, you will know very well that the Chinese company, Xiaomi, has an inventory of products almost literally for all markets, whether to a greater or lesser extent, with many or few exponents, but still they have a presence in one form or another and for that, they have their sub-brands which are in charge of satisfying the needs of the users with the best attention and quality possible, being the protagonist of this section Mijia, a subsidiary of the Asian manufacturer that is specialized in various devices for the home and among which we can mention the Xiaomi Non-stick Stockpot ideal for small spaces, but this is not all, since we can still improve the bet with the Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Touchless Dispenser, a soap dispenser with its own charm, that is why we invite you to stay with us during this section and know all its features.

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Banggood Coupon For $14.99: BGWBT

Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Touchless Dispenser: Design

The Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Touchless Dispenser opts for an incredibly minimalist design that only focuses on giving us elegance and symmetry since it does not have any type of decoration that highlights its image. This is because the manufacturer sought to recreate a product that fits into all kinds of environments, either in the rigor of work or in a casual meeting with friends and to tell the truth, we must add that this style fits very well anywhere , so, the Xiaomi formula manages to be a success in this regard. It is available in a single color, white, being the most appropriate for a device of immaculate size.

Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Touchless Dispenser

This dispenser is made of plastic, so it is not very resistant, although this detail is negligible considering that it is a product that is not likely to be involved in rustic environments. Its construction is oriented to give us a harmonic view thanks to the curvature we can see between the center and the top, which gives us the feeling of uniformity with a soft touch of union, while in the lower part, we have a small translucent container of blue color, in which we will store the soap, either in foam or liquid, being these the only compatible with this dispenser.

Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Touchless Dispenser

Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Touchless Dispenser: Operation

The Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Touchless Dispenser has a performance that borders on the simplistic, an ideal feature when we only need to wash our hands and we can not touch anything to avoid dirtying the environment, which is why this soap dispenser has a sensor that is located in the upper part, just above the mouthpiece through which the soap will be dispensed. All we have to do is bring our hands to a maximum distance of 70mm and immediately a white LED light will light up indicating that the soap compartment is scanned, then turn on a red LED light which informs us that it will proceed to dispense the so valuable liquid.

Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Touchless Dispenser

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This dispenser works in any environment without the need for a previous installation, a feature that allows it to be incredibly portable and as a result, we can place it anywhere we want, accompanying us perfectly in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in our room and others. Next, we will present you a video in which we can appreciate its operation in more detail:

Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Touchless Dispenser: Battery

The Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Touchless Dispenser is unfortunately not rechargeable, which requires us to replace its batteries when exhausted, needing a total of 3 double AA batteries to work, although this device is manufactured to have a low power consumption. Once turned on it will always remain in a kind of standby mode, activated only when we put our hands to the sensor, which will prevent the battery from being used unnecessarily and as a consequence, the load will be more durable.

Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Touchless Dispenser: Waterproof

The Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Touchless Dispenser being a product that is relatively immersed in all environments of the home is exposed to get wet one way or another, since soap inevitably goes hand in hand with water, and without wanting a user can Splash or soak the dispenser. A detail that the manufacturer, Xiaomi, took into account at the time of design, since it equipped this device with an IPx3 certificate, which indicates that it is partially resistant to water, manages to resist without any problem water mist by exposure of about 5 minutes.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mijia Automatically Touchless Foaming Dish Dispenser

The Xiaomi Mijia Automatically Touchless Foaming Dish Dispenser is currently available on Banggood for $14.99 using Coupon : BGWBT and has a free shipping option attached to it.

Banggood Coupon For $14.99: BGWBT

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