Xiaomi Mijia G1 Vacuum cleaner Offered for just $179.99

Xiaomi returns to launch a new robot vacuum cleaner based on offering a professional cleaning experience at a very contained price and thus continue to be the king of low-cost vacuum robots. Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum G1 is considered one of the cheapest robots to buy and with the best result to wait for its price tag.

Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum G1

This Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum G1 arrives equipped with a water tank for a deeper cleaning, in which the vacuuming of the floor goes to the background, despite being its first task. This version adds two brushes, one on each side to catch all kinds of lint.

Thanks to this 200ml water tank that works with an electronic water pump, you can scrub all types of floors, including wooden or parquet floors. The mop included is designed to be able to clean floors in depth without damaging surfaces.

For the Xiaomi vacuum, it opts for a Japanese motor called NIDEC , which has a suction power of 2,200 Pa . Its power is powered by a 2,500mAh battery , which as a result offers up to 90 minutes of household cleaning .


It is 82mm tall. This allows the Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum G1 to be able to get under furniture or sofas. Thus being the best ally of our daily cleaning against hair and lint.

The vacuum cleaner is compatible with Xiaomi’s Mi Home app. As well as power and voice functions through the use of Xiao AI. From the Mi Home app the user can see the cleaning of the home carried out by the robot.  The robot can be programmed to clean differents part in the home. This doesn’t matter if the owner is around or not, it would clean it nice.

Where to Buy The Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum G1

The Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum G1 is currently available on Banggood for just $249.99 using the coupon code below. This is a nice vacuum cleaner, and would serve you very well! It should be noted that this price attached to this  vacuum cleaner with time would expire, so, it’s best you make good use of the coupon code before it expires. Have a nice shopping

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