Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector

Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector Sells For $1,029.99 [Coupon]

A few years ago, Mijia released several laser projectors. This year, several Mijia laser projectors were officially launched. Today, we are going to introduce you the Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector ALPD3.0 2400 ANSI Lumens. We are happy to inform you, that you can buy this projector at a discounted price for only $1,029.99. The only thing you have to do is to apply our coupon before buying.

Coupon code: BGALX311
Price without coupon: $1,149.99
Coupon price: $1,029.99

The era of large screens has extended from smartphones to TVs. And the larger the TV screen, the more expensive it is, and hundreds of inch TVs are expensive. Therefore, many people’s eyes are also on the projector, but the projector is affected by light. The picture is not as clear as a television. Besides, the color is not enough. Until the advent of the laser light source, the brightness of the projector was more breakthrough. And the clarity and color had better performance.

Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector

Minimalist porcelain white, classic design

Mijia laser projectors are mainly porcelain white, which also extends the porcelain white of Xiaomi smartphones to the design of the projector. The case is made of high-gloss PC material, and the corners are rounded body, but it is really not resistant to dirt. Porcelain white has strong adsorption, and it is easy to stick stains. The front of the fuselage is different. The front is a gray fabric design. The projection lens, focusing lens and anti-view sensor are all on the front.

Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector

On the right is the position of the projection lens and anti-view sensor. On the left is the focusing lens.The sides are usually covered with openings. The right side is the air inlet and the left is the air outlet. The air outlet can obviously feel the wind, but the noise of the Mijia laser projector is really low. On the back are various interfaces. Apart from the unexpected interface, there are no other redundant designs. One Gigabit Ethernet port, one S / PDIF interface, one audio output interface, two USB2.0 interfaces and two HDMI interfaces. The bottom surface has four non-slip pads and four spiral holes.

Intelligent system, easy home

Mijia laser projector ALPD3.0 uses the same MIUI TV system as Xiaomi TV, waterfall design, columns and content are distributed up and down, including Xiaomi video massive film and television resources. In addition, Mijia’s laser projector ALPD3.0 has built-in Xiaoai voice assistant, which you can awake directly by voice, and can control video playback, download software, and open software by voice commands. The projector also supports wireless connection, has Miracast protocol, can be screen-played with Android phones, Apple phones. Finally, the Mijia laser projector features an anti-viewing sensor. When the lens is blocked, the high brightness of the screen will be reduced instantly, and direct light will be avoided.

Laser highlighting and natural

The laser light source used by Mijia laser projector ALPD3.0 has a brightness of 2400ANSI lumens. Whether it is turned on or projected in the daytime environment, the screen will maintain high brightness, which will escort the projected picture. The picture quality effect played in the dark night is very bright and colorful. The colors are more natural and vivid. During the day and when the light is turned on, the projection screen will be affected by external light. If there is not enough screen, a clearer picture will be maintained.

Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector Key Features

  • HDR 10 video decoding, higher and wider color gamut
  • Using Amlogic T972 chip, processing performance increased by 63%, power consumption reduced by 55%
  • 2400 ANSI lumens, Watching during the day is also very clear
  • 100% Rec.709 HDTV International Standard Color City

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Where to buy

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