Xiaomi Mijia Lint Treimmer 0,35mm Offered at $10.99[Coupon]

When we wear clothes more than 3 times, lints appear on them. We offer you Xiaomi Mijia lint treimmer, wich can clean your cloths 90 minutes continualy. You can get this amazing product paying only $10.99 with our coupon (code: BGMJ90).

The shape design of Mijia lint treimmer is relatively small. The long side is only 145mm, and the width is only 62mm. It is more portable than the common lint treimmer on the market. In terms of design, the Mijia lint treimmer uses a circular stainless steel micro-arc knife net. It can effectively prevent the knife net from deforming and damaging the clothes during use. The 0.35mm aperture can well filter lints and complete the treimming.  

At present, most of the lint treimmers on the market are designed with 3-page cutter heads. But Mijia lint treimmers use 5-page cyclone floating cutter heads. It can not only adapt to various material surfaces, but also can effectively improve the shears.

In the lower part of the front of the fuselage is a lint warehouse, which uses a transparent window design. Even if it is not open, you can check the amount of hair lints in the warehouse at any time. The Mijia lint treimmers have an integrated design. It can effectively prevent hairs from getting everywhere when the cover is opened.

There is an oval power button above the back of the treimmer. Press it to start working, press it again to turn it off. Below is a Mijia graphic logo, and a led indicator is hidden at this position. It can indicate the running status of the treimmer. In addition, at the bottom you can also see the Micro USB charging socket. It is more convenient to use on business trips.

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