Xiaomi Mijia MJTD01SYL Smart LED Table Lamp 1S Offered For $45.49

Mijia has convinced us of its qualities not only once with its lighting products. Their new smart desk lamp model, Xiaomi Mijia Smart Desk Lamp 1S, has a beautiful white design, 4 light modes, and connectivity to the application.

The lowest price ever

This year’s edition and improved model of the original Mijia Smart Desk Lamp introduced in 2017. The new version is available in the popular Banggood and Gearbest store with a distinctive coupon.

Control via application

The great feature of this lamp is clearly the ability to control via smartphone or tablet thanks to Wi-Fi connection and Mi Home application. You can switch it off remotely, turn it on or change its brightness and color temperature.

In addition to the application, the lamp can also be operated using the rotary button on the pedestal. Rotate, click and combine to control it completely.

The new Xiaomi smart desk lamp model also directly supports Apple HomeKit , which means compatibility with Apple smartphones. It is also possible to use the Siri voice assistant for control. 

4 light modes

Since the lamp can be used in multiple activities, its functionality is also adapted to this. It contains up to 4 light modes : read mode, computer and child mode, and focus mode.

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Everyone has their color temperature or intensity. LED lights can also boast the high value of Ra100 natural light.

Beautiful design with awards

Of course, a table lamp should look somehow. Thanks to its beautiful design, the Mijia Smart Desk Lamp 1S has even won the 2017 Reddot Award.

The manufacturer promises a lifetime of up to 25,000 hours, making it a high-quality luminaire. The hinge is made of steel and has withstood 10,000 bending tests.

Where To Buy

The Xiaomi Mijia MJTD01SYL Smart LED Table Lamp 1S is currently available on Banggood for $45.49 and on Gearbest for $49.99 using the coupon code below.

Price without coupon: $49.99 On Banggood
Coupon 1 ($45.49): BGaDmITAd

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