Xiaomi Mijia Night Light 2: New night lamp with magnetic support For $12.99

Two years after the launch of the first generation, Xiaomi has renewed its Mijia Night Light 2 . A new version that retains much of the features, adding some new functionality, resulting in a small evolution. This Mijia night light 2 adopts the innovative magnetic structure design. The independent lamp body is gently slid into the base and can be removed with a little force when needed. The soft light illuminates the surroundings and allows you to move forward with peace of mind. Buy the Xiaomi Mijia Night Light 1 for just 9.99 HERE
Mijia Night Light 2 maintains the same objective as that of its first generation, offering a small illumination without affecting our dream. A fairly easy and economical way to have a night light. Its structure is still made of high strength ABS plastic , also with reduced measures that give it a weight of just 100 grams . In this way it becomes an option to consider if we want a portable, durable and good quality product. Xiaomi Mijia MJYD02YL Mi Light 2 Adjustable Brightness Infrared Smart Human Body Sensor Night Lamp with Magnetic Base- White 1Pc For its operation it makes use of three AA batteries placed in its back. Also for your activation makes use of various brightness and motion sensors, activating itself when it is night or everything is off and detects movement at an angle of 120º or even at a distance of 5-7 meters. As a novelty, in its back we find a magnetic type support , allowing us to place it on a larger number of surfaces. In this case, now we can also place it on metal surfaces.

Price and availability

The new Mijia Night Light 2 is currently avaialbe on Gearbest for $12.99 Buy the Xiaomi Mijia Night Light 1 for just 9.99 HERE

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