Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer & Xiaomi Mijia Photo Paper Set Offered For $109

Xiaomi is more than just a smartphone brand has is now making all sorts of lifestyle products. It is no secret to anybody that the Chinese giant, Xiaomi, is a multifaceted company, and although the Smartphones market is its main attraction, the incredible variety of options that they offer in products is undeniable since they have an extensive range of equipment and devices. That is why in this meeting we will focus on the other side of the coin and know a little more about a new product that will reach the market soon, we are talking about the Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer, a photo printer which aims to be quite a wonder, so we invite you to continue with us during this section and learn much more about it.

With Xiaomi Mijia 6-inch Desktop Color Photo Printer you don’t have to run the photo studio after snapping a picture and want to print. It is easy to do at home. All you need is this small printer. This Xiaomi Mijia photo printer is specially designed for home users. It can turn your selfies, travel photos, and photos that are closely related to family, children, and friends into memories worthy of collection in the photo frame. One advantage of this printer is that you don’t need to insert a memory card at all, but simply print the photo directly in the mobile phone through the mobile APP or WeChat applet.

The Xiaomi Mijia 6-inch Desktop Color Photo Printer maintains the sleek and simple design of the Mi family products, and the overall appearance of the white also has a hint of Nordic style. Compared with other photo printers of the same type, the Xiaomi Mijia photo printer can be said to be very minimalist. The printer comes with just one power supply key, but this is not to say that the Xiaomi Mijia photo printer “cuts the work”, but this is as a result of the printer mainly used to connect the mobile phone and use the mobile phone’s APP to complete certain function such as selecting photos, printing, typesetting, etc. It is very easy to use and it also features a remote control printing which allows to print while you are not around the printer.

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Let’s take a look at how to print photos using the Xiaomi Mijia photo printer. In terms of product type, this photo printer is a sublimation print with a print resolution of 300x300dpi and its CMY 3-color dye sublimation printing technology is used to achieve 256-level color scale complete output rendering 655 vents are designed independently. Sublimation technology can present more rich color levels and wider color gamut, ensuring better color reproduction. In order to ensure the appearance and sufficient opening ratio, 655 holes have 12 different sizes of apertures, which improves the color reproduction and ensures the stability of continuous printing.

You can use the printer to print photos on your phone all mainly need to use the APP to complete, you can directly download the “Mijia APP” in the application market, you can also use the WeChat to add the Mijia Small program to operate, and the iPhone user also Can be printed directly through Airprint.

You can also purchase the Xiaomi Mijia Color Photo Paper Set which is used to replace the printer paper if finished. Check the link below to purchase the paper set

Mijia 6-inch Photo Printer Color Photo Paper Set (40 Photos)

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mijia 6-inch Desktop Color Photo Printer

The Xiaomi Mijia 6-inch Desktop Color Photo Printer is currently available on Gearbest for $119

On The other hands, The Xiaomi Mijia Color Photo Paper Set which is compatible with the Xiaomi Mijia 6-inch Desktop Color Photo Printer is also available on Gearbest for $16.99

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