The new Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner LDS now for $449.99

Xiaomi is the jack of all trades as it has strengthened its roots in the electronic and smart equipment industry. Now, the company has come up with Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner LDS having some technical achievements over the previous editions.

The best part is that the vacuum cleaner adopts 12-sensor LDS laser navigation system to draw an accurate home map for efficient cleaning. Further, it provides powerful 2100pa suction power and 3200 mAh battery.

The Xiaomi MI smart Vacuum Cleaner comes in the Black colour and plastic-made body. It is the best device for both sweeping and mopping. The app control and voice assistant make it more convenient to use.

Overall, the Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner provides all-around performance and best for home and office use.

Features and Specifications

Build and Design

As usual, this robot vacuum cleaner also comes in a round-shaped body with exquisite design and smooth touch feel. The Black colour skin looks gorgeous and delivers ergonomic outlook at the prima facia.

On the top, you will get LDS laser sensors along with the switch on/off button. Underneath, it installs various brushes and other tools used in sweeping and mopping.

Physically, the Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner weighs about 3.6 kg and its physical dimensions are 350mm x 350mm x 94.5mm.

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner LDS LDS Laser System

Furthermore, the Xiaomi home vaccum cleaner LDS hosts about 12 sensors in collaboration with the LDS system. It helps the machine to create a thorough map of the home to ensure overall sweeping and cleaning.

It scans the objects and gets an idea about the areas that need to clean. Ultimately, it results in time-saving and energy-saving at all.

MI Home Robot Vacuum Cleaner LDS

Control System

Similarly, the Xiaomi MI Cleaner is also controllable via an app and voice assistant. You can manage the things right from your smartphone or can command the vacuum cleaner using the voice assistance approach.

MI Home Robot Vacuum Cleaner LDS Battery

Most importantly, the vacuum cleaner runs a powerful 3200 mAh battery. The 33W power battery ensures larger working sessions on a single charge.

Water Tank Capacity

Well, the MI Home Robot Vacuum Cleaner LDS includes a 550ml electric control water tank to end up the cleaning process without any interruption.

Suction Power

You will get 2100pa Suction power in the Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner and 2cm obstacles climbing.


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