Mijia sweeping and dragging robot T1

Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot T1 Sold Only For $479.99 [Coupon]

The Mijia Sweeping Robot T1 can be regarded as Xiaomi’s flagship sweeping robot. It uses visual navigation and S-cross 3D obstacle avoidance to make it more savvy and flexible. It is worthwhile that Xiaomi’s flagship sweeping robot is also a flagship level in the entire sweeping robot market, and it is quite cost-effective and worth starting. This sweeping robot is sold only for $479.99 after using our coupon.

Coupon code: BGCNXM1T
Price without coupon: $540.11
Coupon price: $479.99

Mijia sweeping and dragging robot T1

Mijia Sweeping Robot T1 Desing

Open the package, the arrangement inside is very neat, and the inside is fixed with a carton for various parts. This is also the reason why I said that the outer package looks relatively small because there is no foam. Take out the product, and the entire black disc appears in front of you.  The front shape is basically the same as the Mijia 1C. The power button and the recharge button are arranged on the other side of the cover, and there is a Mijia logo on the cover. The Mijia 1T has a sensor + a camera.

Because of the camera it uses, you can look directly at the front of the fuselage, that is, you can see closer and more accurate. This is the reason why Mijia 1T abandoned the LDS laser and switched to the S-cross 3D obstacle avoidance technology of the emerging vision camera. This can also greatly reduce the body and save the height of the traditional LDS laser.  Then the other places on the side are four cliff sensors, collision buffer, infrared deceleration sensor, exhaust vent and speaker. The bottom part is the charging pole piece, side brush, main wheel, universal wheel, main brush, etc. The bottom is also black. The overall size is 353mm*350mm*81.5mm. It is the smallest among the sweeping robots.

Mijia Sweeping Robot T1 App Connection

In addition to the power button and recharge button on the cover of the Mijia sweeping robot 1T, the most important thing is to use the Mijia App to connect. And its intelligence is also realized through the Mijia App. The Mijia App is currently only a link to hundreds of devices. So opening the App will be a little bloated. But don’t worry, open the Mijia App, turn on the sweeping robot, press the power button and the recharge button at the same time, until the sweeping robot emits a “waiting to configure the network” prompt. At this time, the Mijia App will automatically pop up and find a new device. Just click, the whole connection process is very easy, within 2 minutes.

Mijia sweeping and dragging robot T1

Through the App, we can view various statuses of the sweeping robot, such as power, cleaning records, consumable timing and other routine items. And you can also schedule cleaning through the App, or remotely control cleaning or recharging, and set the cleaning mode. Through the device settings of the App, you can set the carpet pressurization, breakpoint continuous sweep, and do not disturb mode, and you can also change the voice prompt of the sweeping robot. Because it is a new device, there are only two prompt sounds in standard Mandarin and English. The prompt volume can be set here. Overall, the Mijia App is relatively easy to use, without any difficulty.

Mijia Sweeping Robot T1 Map Management Function

The establishment of the map must be done after the whole house is cleaned before a complete map can be established. After the map is created, the sweeping machine will automatically distinguish each room and divide the bedroom, living room, kitchen and other rooms. When using the map, we can choose different areas to clean according to the actual situation. We can also clean some key areas.  The practicability and flexibility of the map function are very large, and we can all be controlled remotely. Even if you are thousands of miles away, you can also control the sweeping robot to carry out sweeping work in the designated area.

Mijia Sweeping Robot T1 Battery Life And Other

The Mijia sweeping robot 1T uses a large battery of 5200mAh with a rated power of 40W and a rated voltage of 14.4V when working. The battery life is up to 180 minutes in standard mode, and 240 square meters can be scanned at once. Compared with the previous generation, the battery life is improved by 30 minutes. It also has an intelligent breakpoint continuous scan function.

The Mijia sweeping robot uses the bottom electrode to contact when charging. The size of the charging base is relatively small and does not need to be fixed on the wall. The length of the power cord is about 1.5m, which can meet the height and usage requirements of various wall sockets. In terms of working noise, the noise control of the Mijia sweeping robot 1T is also relatively good. In the strong mode, it is about 65dB. It is equivalent to the sound of ordinary speech and will not cause disturbance to the people.

Mijia Sweeping Robot T1 Key Features

  • S-crossTM 3D Obstacle Avoidance
  • Intelligent Perception of Three-dimensional Environment
  • Smart Space Measurement
  • 3D VSLAM Visual Navigation
  • Smart Map Management
  • CortexTM-A53 High-performance Chip

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