XIOAMI MIJIA Wireless Electric Mop Machine now for $132.99

XIAOMI deals with various products like smart phone, smart home products, electronic gadgets etc. Now company has come up in the market with new XIAOMI MIJIA Wireless Electric Mop. This mop machine has various function which gives cleanliness of the house.

Feature and Specification of XIAOMI MIJIA Wireless Electric Mop:

XIAOMI MIJIA Wireless electric mop machine comes with 90 degree rotation which gives flexible grip during use. Machine provides you reciprocating moping, powerful moping pad, effortless operation and long time endurance. Use the included measuring cup to add water and the 0.5mm hole ensures even spray. Step on the mark to lift the machine then you can replace the mopping pad.

XIAOMI MIJIA Wireless Electric Mop


The electric machine designed in standing shape which is easily adjusts in any corner of the house. This is very light weighted device and gives proper sanitation of the floor. When you push up the grip to upright state the host will lock automatically safe and energy saving.

XIAOMI MIJIA Wireless Electric Mop Mopping modes-

This Electric mop machine has three kinds of mopping pads which gives different experience to user. One is Normal durable mopping pad: there is spiral hard fiber which cleans the dirt and soft fiber can absorb water. The two types of fibers are it stubborn stains easily. Second is Durable terry mopping pad: with terry edge this absorbs hairs by electrostatic principle. Third mode is Disposable environmentally friendly mopping pad which adopts the degradable material.

XIAOMI MIJIA Wireless Electric Mop


Electric mop built with 2000mAh large battery capacity. There is 3 power indicators display the 100 percent, 65 percent and 30 percent respectively. This machine takes only 50 minutes for fully charge. With this mop machine you can clean 100 square meters room 3 – 4 times. 

One-hand operation-

With this mop machine you can clean your house through one hand operation. One key operation is easy to open and spray there is no need to stop during operation. First press the open button after machine gives effortless operation. You can clean the floor during walk and there is no need to stop.

XIAOMI MIJIA Wireless Electric Mop Motor-

The powerful motor of the electric mop machine runs rapidly and drives outside active plates. The moping frequency of the mop machine is 1000 times/min. During use noise level (68dB) of the motor is very low which not irritates to you or other person. The power consumption of the motor is very low but gives smooth work.

You can buy MIJIA Wireless Electric Mop Machine from online websites.

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