Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router For $199.99: an awesome mesh router supporting Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi and powerline network

Xiaomi have announced their very first mesh router in China — and it’s called the MiWiFi. What is a mesh router, do you need one and how does the newly announced Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router compare to the competition? Find out in this article.

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What is a mesh router?

A traditional Wi-Fi network is centered around a router, which broadcasts a wireless signal to the devices in your home. Basically, the router directs internet traffic between your connected model and the Wi-Fi friendly gadgets in your home.

A mesh network, on the other hand, rather than broadcasting the signal from a single point, has multiple access points. One point connects to a modem and takes on the role of a router, while the other access points (often referred to as “satellites”) capture the router’s signal and broadcast it further.

Do you need a mesh router?

It depends. For most people, having a standard router is more than enough for everyday use. However, if you live in a large home, a place with an unusual layout, or the one with several stories, you may often suffer from connection issues or Wi-Fi dead zones. In this case, a mesh router could solve of your network issues.

Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router review

Xiaomi’s newly unveiled mesh router was developed in collaboration with Qualcomm and runs on the Qualcomm DAKOTA 4-core CPU with single core frequency of up to 717MHz. With 256Mb memory onboard each mesh router in the set can ensure a stable connection of up to 248 devices.

stable connection of up to 248 devices

There are several other notable features to mention about the Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router.

Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router: powerful Wi-Fi signals

With the MiWiFi, you are not just getting a router but rather a whole Wi-Fi system consisting of two routers and four amplifiers. There are two independent signal amplifiers at 2.4GHz and 5GHz; a Power Amplifier (PA) for a stronger signal transmission and a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) for better signal reception sensitivity.

two independent signal amplifiers at 2.4GHz and 5GHz

The system is capable of handling a variety of home environments as it supports multi-channel hybrid networking, which is especially beneficial for complicated home environments (duplex apartments, villas, townhouses, large scale flats, etc.) as you get the chance to completely eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones.

The router can reach the networking speed of 2,567Mbps via the gigabit Ethernet port and enables high-speed internet access throughout your home. And while thick walls and other physical obstacles may be in the way of a standard router, Xiaomi’s mesh router hand “strea” high-speed internet right through them.

high-speed internet access

Xiaomi’s mesh router supports 802.11k/v protocol and as it “moves” between the different mesh routes, it will automatically switch to a network with a better signal.

Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router: a great addition to smart home ecosystem

A great feature for those already using other Mi Home smart devices is that the router system will be a functional part of that ecosystem. You can use the Mijia App to set up the router in just a few simple steps and it will instantly connect to all the other Wi-Fi enabled Mi devices in your home. The MiWiFi mesh router also has its own dedicated app for easy control and management of your mesh networks as well as access to information such as network speed, connected devices, etc.

the Mijia App to set up the router

Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router supports IPv6

The MiWiFi mesh router system supports IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol (IP) standard that is forecast to soon replace the currently used IPv4. This means that Xiaomi’s MiWiFi is future-proof and will be compatible with the latest gadgets and systems.
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Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router: smart customization

Another great feature that the system has onboard is called Multi-user Multiple Input Multiple Out, MU-MIMO for short. With it, you can set transmission limits for each individual account on the network, making sure that one channel won’t occupy all the network space.

Additionally, there is an efficient parent control option that allows you to set networkable time and the list of URLs your children are allowed to access, which parents are sure to appreciate.

Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router: design

Despite all of the above functionality, the MiWiFi mesh routers look simple and clean — just as one would expect of Xiaomi devices. The routers come in cylindrical shapes and sport a single power button on the side with an LED ring around it.

Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router design

Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router: specs

Finally, let’s take a quick look back at the main specs of the Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router.

Product nameXiaomi Mesh 2.4GHz + 5GHz WiFi Intelligent Router
Size18.10 x 12.00 x 8.00 cm / 7.13 x 4.72 x 3.15 inches
Weight0.6000 kg
Router Connectivity TypeBluetooth,Ethernet,Wireless
InterfaceDC Port,LAN,WAN
Transmission Rate2600Mbps
Speed of Ethernet Port1000Mbps
WiFi Network Frequency2.4GHz,5GHz
RJ45 port speed1000Mbps
WiFi Distance1000m2
Working Voltage100V ~ 240V
Max. LAN Data Rate1200Mbps above
LAN Ports3 ports
Wireless StandardWireless AC
DC Port5.5 x 2.5
FeaturesDual Band

Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router: should you get one?

?Smooth network access throughout your home with no Wi-Fi dead zones.?Mesh routers, including the Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router system, tend to be pricier than standard routers.
?Easy network management via an app and Mi smart home compatibility.?You will only be able to fully appreciate the advantages of the system if you live in a large space.
?Automatic switching between networks for the speediest option.?There is more equipment: even though the MiWiFi mesh router only includes two main components, they will still occupy more space than miniature standard routers.
?Tight network security for keeping all the connected devices safe.
?Smart customization options including parental controls, transmission limits, etc.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router

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