Buy The Xiaomi Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest For $107.99

Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi has unveiled its new nest for cats and small dogs, featuring a space capsule-inspired design. The product is called Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest. Xiaomi has launched a large number of products that meet the needs of each family member, and among these are the beloved pets. Thinking about them, the company launched the new product. The size of this product makes it suitable for small pets such as cats or puppies or even small breeds of dogs such as Chihuahua, although the manufacturer recommends its use for cats less than 8 kg and small dogs weighing less than 4 kg .

Specifically,we talk about the  Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest , a new item put up for sale by Shanghai Le Chong Information Technology that guarantees an optimal temperature for your cat or dog in the hottest or coldest months of the year.


The new Spaceship Smart Pet Nest adopts a spectacular design that resembles a space capsule, having a total space of 33L. Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest is made of high hardness ABS plastic , shock resistant and designed with light colors and gray details. Its size is 460x460x436mm thus providing a cabin of 33L as earlier stated. In addition, its weight is only 6Kg so we can move it relatively easily through our home.

The nest comes with two entrances positioned at an angle of about 90 degrees between them. That way the pet doesn’t have to turn around to get out of the capsule.


The Spaceship Smart Pet Nest comes with technologies to enhance your pet’s comfort. This new product is not only a nice shelter for pets, but also comes with an intelligent temperature control that regulates the cold or heat inside, being regulated by a built-in precision environmental sensor that uses the technology of “Semiconductor heat pump”, so the temperature is adjusted as the ambient temperature changes . In addition, it has a cooling system to ensure that there is no condensation in the wet regions.

Apart from that, the Spaceship Smart Pet Nest comes with a health monitoring function. A “Whistler Bridge” is located at the bottom of this product, which works to accurately monitor and record the pet’s activities and sleep data in real time. All this data can be seen in the smartphone application specially made for this pet bed, which has the name Moestar , so keeping track of our pets’ data will be easier than ever.

In addition, Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest has an interesting health monitoring system from which we can record the activity of our pet, as well as various sleep data in real time . Similarly, through our smartphone we can control its operation, changing at any time the internal temperature as well as the color of its lighting.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest

The Xiaomi Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest is currently available in Banggood for just $107.99

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