XIAOMI Muscle Relaxer electric massage tool now for $308.52

Xiaomi is a Chinese company which designed daily life use able products. The company provides product to the customer at very reasonable prices. Xiaomi designed Laptops, Smartphones, Smart watches, Electronic bikes, PC etc. Now company launches new XIAOMI Muscle Relaxer electric massage tool. This massage tool is ideal for people who work out or people with injuries to help them recover quicker.

Feature & specification of XIAOMI Muscle Relaxer electric massage tool:

This massage tool is built with ABS material. The input of the massage tool is AC 110 – 240V and 30 – 53Hz. This has four massage heads which gives you comfortable massage while reducing bone damage. This reduces muscle stiffness and soreness and enhances blood circulation. Also increase the range of motion and improve the health of your body’s soft tissue. This built with a very powerful percussion vibration. It increases blood flow and releases fascia and knots.

XIAOMI Muscle Relaxer electric massage tool

XIAOMI Muscle Relaxer electric massage tool Design-

The massage tool works on Arm, Leg and Waist which keeps relax to your muscles. This is very light weight product which is very easy to handle for everyone. You can use this massage tool anywhere and anytime. After workout for relaxing this is the best massage tool. During use this tool proper cover your body area. The rotation speed of the massage head changes depending on the mode switching. The compact size and case makes it easy to take with you. The design of the tool do not tired you hand during use.

XIAOMI Muscle Relaxer electric massage tool


Massage tool built with long battery life. This contains 2500mAh battery capacity. The working time of the battery is 2 – 3 hours and the charging time is 120 minutes. The battery is in the handle of the device.

XIAOMI Muscle Relaxer electric massage tool


This XIAOMI Muscle Relaxer electric massage tool has high speed motor. The motor is depends on the speed of massage tool. From every side motor provides you best performance. Motor rotates the brush roller of the tool and gives best massage to your body. During use motor do not produce more noise this is built with quit motor.

Gear frequency-

This massage tool has three gears, first gear 1440 times, second gear 1920 times and third gear 2560 times frequency. Gears increase and decrease the speed of massage roller. When you want light massage you can use tool on low gear or if you want hard massage use the massage tool on high gear.

You can buy XIAOMI muscle fascia massage tool from online websites.

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