XIAOMI Oclean X Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush Offered For $53.99

June 5, as one of the many electric toothbrush brands in Xiaomi’s ecological chain, Oclean officially held a launch to launch the new Oclean X. Oclean X smart ultrasonic electric toothbrush is the global first smart toothbrush with a color touch screen. You can choose the most suitable one from the 20 + brushing schemes on clean App After connecting the toothbrush with Bluetooth. Oclean X automatic toothbrush is safe for sensitive teeth, loose teeth, artificial crowns and dentures because of the AI ?? lower-frequency tooth protection mode. It comes with a 2-in-1 base, you can stick it On the wall, use it as a holder, or just use it as a charging base.

Main Features:

  • Innovative color touch screen For easy and intuitive settings
  • Features Miss area reminder, built-in 6-axis gyroscope can identify and monitor 8 areas in the oral cavity, remind you of missing areas at the screen and APP
  • Smart App control, 20 + brushing schemes To choose according to cleaning requirements and dental condition
  • AI lower-frequency tooth protection mode can be used safely on Sensitive teeth, loose teeth, and dentures
  • Strong cleaning ability, 32-level frequency Conversion speed regulation, adapt to most oral conditions
  • Equipped with magnetic suspension brushless motor, low noise, 10 times the life of ordinary motors
  • Copper-free brush head, German equipment, and technology to provide more comfortable brushing experience and cleanliness
  • Comes with a 2-in-1 base, can be used as a charger or holder
  • Built-in 800mAh battery, can use a month after fully charged

In terms of appearance, Oclean X is not much different from previous generations of products, the biggest feature is that in the middle of the fuselage equipped with an oval screen, support touch screen function, can view time, weather, choose brushing mode, check dental health information and so on, so that brushing teeth become more scientific, effective and simple.

Oclean X Smart touch screen electric toothbrush, through the toothbrush touchscreen, can bring more intuitive information display and interactive experience, is expected to become a true sense of intelligent electric toothbrush.

Oclean X supports 8 areas of brushing blind area monitoring function, with 40000 rpm, 32 levels of strength of the motor performance, from the configuration of direct to the standard OLE B, Philips and other thousand Yuan high-end flagship products.

Intelligent Touch Screen Electric toothbrush Oclean X supports Bluetooth 4.0, compatible with Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 and above versions of the device

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