OCOOKER Multifunctional Rice Cooker

Xiaomi OCOOKER Multifunctional Rice Cooker Offered At $53.99 [Coupon]

For the kitchen appliances in our lives, the rice cooker is one of the appliances we use very often every day. Now, we will get acquainted with Xiaomi Youpin OCOOKER Multifunctional 1.2L Rice Cooker. Currently, you can buy this product at discounted price ($53.99) after applying the coupon that we suggest you.

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Price without coupon: $69.99
Coupon price: $53.99

This rice cooker adopts a touch screen design, and in order to avoid the common problem of small rice cookers, it adopts a crater overflow prevention design and a bowl-shaped heating. The appearance is still close to the retro look. And it has a dark green design.


Small rice cookers often overflow the pot. Thus, that overflowing soup makes the desktop and countertops uncomfortable. The new mini rice cooker of Xiaomi adopts an overflow-proof. That effectively drains steam, breaks bubbles and prevents overflow. You will love this design if you love cleanliness.

The inner pot is made of non-stick inner pot, heating block and non-stick rice pan. But in daily cleaning, be careful not to use cleaning balls and other products to clean to avoid scratching the coating.

Although the OCOOKER Multifunctional Rice Cooker is compact, you can use it to make rice, multi-grain rice, and BB porridge. There is a clear scale on the bottom of the inner pot, which can be identified by the scale.

Daily use

Although the MINI rice cooker only has 1.2L and 300W of power. It takes only 30 minutes to cook rice. Thereby, it is a quite good choice for moms and not only. The rice cooker supports two spoons of rice for cooking. Two spoons of rice can make three bowls of rice.

Compared with the previous generation, the touch buttons used on this screen can directly select the cooking mode, start canceling and other operations can be operated by touch. That is definitely much more convenient.

The countdown starts after the cooking mode is turned on for 30 minutes. And the pot can be started when the number is reset to 0.

The advantage of the small rice cooker is fast. Compared with other similar rice cooker, the rice cooker takes 45 minutes to cook rice quickly, while the mini rice cooker only takes half an hour, which is very fast. On the other hand, it is very convenient if you rent a house outside or use it with a young couple. It is small in size and high in value.

OCOOKER Multifunctional Rice Cooker Key Features

  • Compact design is great for home use.
  • An automatic heat preservation system is practical.
  • The non-stick design makes it easy to clean.
  • An inner pot with 1.2L capacity can meet the needs of daily meals.

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Where to buy

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