Xiaomi Philips Zhiyi LED Desk Light Stand Table Lamp Offered for $96.29

If you are interested in the health of your eyes, the table lamp Xiaomi Philips Table Lamp with WIFI connection will be an indispensable element on your desk. It has a simple design, but equally luxurious. The lamp not only provides a good source of light for the eyes, but also a perfect decoration for your work or study space.

Xiaomi Philips Table Lamp: Package Contents

This table lamp comes in a box with dimensions of 19.80 x 19.20 x 43.35 cm and a weight of 1.56 Kg. Inside this package we will find the following items:

  • 1 x Xiaomi Philips Table Lamp.
  • 1 x Power adapter.
  • 1 x User’s manual in English.
Xiaomi Phillips Table Lamp Main

Xiaomi Philips Table Lamp: Design and Appearance

As far as the design of the Xiaomi Philips Table Lamp is concerned, the manufacturer attaches special importance to simplicity in detail, but still offers its own sophistication and classic features. With a body size of  17.30 x 39.30 x 42.30 cm , it is easy for users to place them on their desks or bedside tables without taking up too much space.

Xiaomi Phillips Table Lamp design 01

In addition, the main material of the table lamp Xiaomi Philips Table Lamp is an aluminum alloy  with technology of smooth surface treatment and scratches to improve the finish and give more luxurious touches to the lamp. Additionally, aluminum materials, in addition to being well known for their high durability, are also quite light, so the weight of the lamp is only  930 grams .

With a simple cross design, the table lamp Xiaomi Philips Table Lamp helps users to easily organize any design space such as the living room, office or bedroom.

Xiaomi Phillips Table Lamp design 02

On the other hand, the lamp is also equipped with a dual light source design located on the horizontal bar and on the vertical bar of the same. With this flexible design, the brightness in both the work area and the surrounding area are identical, which limits visual fatigue in prolonged applications.

This lamp is also equipped with a lighting ratio for the main light. The backlight is  1: 3, recommended by the  North American Lighting Technical Association (IESNA) . This is known as the best light contrast ratio for the eyes of the users. In addition, the color temperature is  4000K, a standard figure to create a bright, comfortable, classic and eye-friendly area.

Xiaomi Phillips Table Lamp design 03

Xiaomi Philips Table Lamp: Features

The main focus is designed with a wide illumination angle of  90 cm , the brightness of the central illumination area up to  1200lux  is good enough for the user’s eye health without glare. In addition to the fact that the lamp is also equipped with a smart sensor to help identify the night, you only need to touch any sensor key and the backlight will turn on. The soft and clear background helps to protect your family’s night sleep.

Xiaomi Phillips Table Lamp features 01

The light control sensor keys are incorporated in the same Xiaomi Philips Table Lamp, which makes it easy for users to adjust the lighting to their needs. When the ambient light changes, you only need to activate the eye protection mode and the lamp can automatically adjust the main light and the backlight to match the ambient lighting.

The table lamp Xiaomi Philips Table Lamp  is also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity so that users can fully control the lighting remotely with the application installed on the smartphone. The application comes pre-installed with 3 reading modes for adults, children and backlight and in this way help users to easily control the lighting according to the purpose of its use.

Xiaomi Phillips Table Lamp features 02

Among other interesting features we have:

  • Energy saving, since it incorporates LED lights as part of the system.
  • Energy efficiency, saving energy is more effective compared to traditional light sources.
  • Advanced LED light, the light intensity is adjustable with the dimmer.
  • Cold and bright white light.
  • PHILIPS LED desk light support with greater color reproduction.
  • PHILIPS LED desk light support with minimization of reflected light on the surface.
  • Excellent heat dissipation, there is no risk of burns.

Xiaomi Philips Table Lamp: Where to buy?

We can find the Xiaomi Philips Table Lamp at the Gearbest store for $ 96.29 (86.67). To facilitate your search, below we leave the direct link to the product.

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