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Xiaomi Redmi 9A Available For $87.99 [Coupon]

The Xiaomi Redmi 9A was launched in July. Actually, it is one of the best low-end smartphones. Currently, it is available for $87.99 when applying the coupon code provided by us.

Coupon code: BGBFR9A
Price without coupon: $149.00
Coupon price: $87.99

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As for the technical features, everything is great here. For example, Redmi 9A received a large 6.53-inch screen, a MediaTek Helio G25 processor with 2/32 GB of memory, and a 5000 mAh battery. As for a budget device, the technical stuff is not very strong, but you will like some of the features, such as high battery capacity, modern chipset, and large bright screen.

XIAOMI REDMI 9A - купить (цена 7989₽), характеристики, обзор, отзывы

The appearance of the Redmi 9A is almost the same when compared to the previous generation Redmi 8A. For instance, the bezel has the same waterdrop notch for the front camera. The bezels around the screen are quite large, so you can immediately guess that the smartphone belongs to the budget category of devices. Despite this, the front part received a slightly larger screen size compared to the previous generation. Now the screen is 6.53 inches, while the eighth version is 6.22 inches. The resolution remains the same (HD+) since the screen received a slightly different aspect ratio, namely 20:9.

The back of the smartphone is made of matte corrugated plastic, so the device does not slip out of your hands. When compared with the previous generation Redmi 8A, the location of the main camera has changed. It is now positioned in the upper left corners instead of in the center.

 Xiaomi Redmi 9A Features

● 6.53 inch HD + Display Offers Immersive View Experience
The Redmi 9A features a massive 6.53 inch HD + DotDrop display, which providing you an amazing video and immersive gaming experience. Moreover, Redmi 9A blue light protection that can reduce harm to eyes and provide a comfortable viewing experience.
● 5000mAh Larger Battery for Longer Lifespan
The Mi Redmi 9A is equipped with a large capacity of 5000mAh battery. The special process can enhance the battery life of the Redmi 9A, optimize the charging performance, and make it very reliable to use.
● MediaTek Helio G25 Processor, Smooth Processing Power without Lag
The MediaTek Helio G25 processor allows the phone to process a variety of applications quickly and smoothly, and the optimized octa-core game chip provides uninterrupted games, smooth daily use and longer battery life.

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