XIAOMI Redmi Travel case is now available for just $108.99

XIAOMI is a china based smartphone company. This deals with many products. XIAOMI makes smartphone, mobile apps, laptops, bags. Etc. The all products of XIAOMI designed with latest technology and XIAOMI sells his product at very affordable price. Now company launches his new product is XIAOMI Redmi Travel case. This suitcase is designed according to today’s need and according to the fashionable. XIAOMI gives you various colors. You can choose the color according to your choice. This suitcase is sleek and modern.

Feature & Specification of XIAOMI Redmi Travel case:

This suitcase is comes in 20-inch travel boarding suitcase and has Multifunctional front compartment with 7 pockets. The compartment of the suitcase gives durable elastic belt to fix the laptop and tablet without slip off the luggage. You can carry you tablet, PC, Camera or any other electronic device in the suitcase pockets. Interior large room is sufficient to organize your belongings. On the suitcase there is TSA double lock on both the front and main compartments makes it extremely easy to control. Lock system of the suitcase keep safe of your property in business trip. Also TSA lock system gives you security while long-distance trip.

XIAOMI Redmi Travel case

This XIAOMI Redmi Travel case suitcase is made from Bayer PC material and oxford fabric with 55.9 x 37 x23 cm size which gives attractive look and strong strength to the suitcase. Moreover this suitcase is mainly use for traveling. This suitcase is built with level water resistance. You don’t worry about rain or snow day while in use. After rain use suitcase you can easily clean the surface of suitcase and no stains remain

XIAOMI Redmi Travel case Design-

This case is designed with a four-stage adjustable ergonomic rod, adapting to different users and reducing the rod shaking range. This is suitable for boarding or traveling, lightweight and easy to push. This case is best to store the files or other little things in front pockets. This design is very easy to access to your 15 degree laptop, iPad or other electronic gadgets. This travel case has breathable long lasting boarding case and not easy to deform. This travel case easily fit in your car trunk and also fit your home corner. This suitcase can hold up to 36 liters.

This XIAOMI Redmi Travel case is very light weight which is best to carry for everyone. The suitcase need just light pull and push to carrying. You can adjust the direction of suitcase without much effort, even over the rough path. Also suitcase is perfect for Airline Overhead Bin compartment. During use the suitcase gives you classic look. The handle of the suitcase is easily adjustable according to tour choice. There is a mibble zipped net between the two parts which is used to fit your things aligned during your journey. During journey you just need to give a gentle push of the suitcase. This built with double smooth zipper.

XIAOMI Redmi Travel case

Large Capacity-

XIAOMI suitcase is capable for large capacity. Suitcase supports with creative storage partition and flexible division board interior. This is enough to carry on your necessity clothes, washing tools and personal electronic devices. In the large capacity of suitcase you can carry 3-4 days trip stuff. The capacity is main thing in the travel bags so XIAOMI remi travel case gives you large capacity. In this case the second side you can pack your family clothes during travel. The capacity of the suitcase is divided into two chambers which can be closed individually.


The XIAOMI Redmi Travel case is not just light, portable and ergonomic but also this case has very sturdy build quality. The travel case has also honeycomb pattern which makes the case pretty good in-hand feel and a shine under light. This case has vertical stripes on the outside for additional support to the mechanical structure of the case. From all the sides like wheels, design and capacity suitcase is very valuable and gives beautiful look. Sometimes this suitcase suddenly hit with other thing then suitcase do not hurt you.

Handle and wheels-

XIAOMI suitcase is built with four noiseless wheels. The wheel of the suitcase is made from highly elastic TPE material and they would not make too much noise when you drag this suitcase. While this gives great sounds. During use you don’t need to put any effort into moving the suitcase and wheels gives smother experience to the road. The handle of the suitcase is designed with adjustable technology. This handle is easily adjusts when you need to short and long the handle you can. The handle contains 4 levels. The handle do not tired your hands during use.

Dimensions and weight-

This XIAOMI Redmi Travel case product weight is 3.8600 kg and package weight of the device is 5.0200 kg.

Package content-

XIAOMI includes in the package 1 x Travel Case, 1 x Chinese manual, 1 x Hanging label and 1 x Desiccant.

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