Xiaomi Reepro RP – HC04 Negative Ion Hair Dryer Offered For $30.99

Although Xiaomi is a technology brand, it has become a “grocery shop” in the development of many years. Its products cover a wide range and meet the needs of many various aspects of life. And today we are about talking one of its amazing product that we know will be needed by lots of people. Are you looking for an electric hair dryer that suits you? This folding electric hair dryer Reepro RP-HC04 is perfect for you! Not only will it dry your hair quickly, but it will also gently handle every strand of your hair. The design of the two gears allows you to choose according to different needs. With this hair dryer you can easily have different styles

Main Features

  •  Foldable design, easy to store, easy to carry
  • Stacked ring air inlet, prevent accidental touch, safe and intimate
  • Comfortable handle design
  • Extra long power cord, 1.4m length can be stored
  • Two winds can be adjusted, strong wind shaping, fine wind to maintain hair
  • Innovative diversion design, the air volume is gradually increased, and the air volume is up to 15L/s.
  • 1300W power, dynamic speed, air outlet speed of 11m/s
  • Million negative ions, avoid static electricity, smooth hair
  • About 400g, long-term use of not sour hands, relieve travel pressure, suitable for travel
The Xiaomi Reepro RP – HC04 Negative Ion Hair Dryer comes in a bright white color which is perfectly combined with the strict design of the hair dryer, creating an image that seemed to come down from the canvas. One amazing feature of this hair dryer is that you can carry it anywhere you go to, from work, at home or in any other place, the Reepro hairdryer will surround the warm wind and create a good mood. It is lightweight, weighing just 400g, and this ensures that the dryer fits comfortably in your hand, without creating tension even with prolonged use. In addition, compactness and power makes it an ideal choice for long trips and business trips, where you need to maintain an excellent hairstyle. It features 1300 watts of power, and this power provides rapid speed of the fan, issuing airflow at a speed of 11 m / s. An innovative heating system evenly heats up the airflow, helping to dry hair during just one song. The built-in air ionizer makes hair soft and docile by treating it with negative ions that prevent the build-up of static electricity. Shiny and docile hair is an integral part of the image of a successful person. The Xiaomi Reepro RP – HC04 Negative Ion Hair Dryer sophisticated design of the duct provides a gradual increase in the volume of air flow up to 15 liters per second, which allows you to use a hair dryer for both short and long hair. Despite the volume, the air flow does not burn the hair and helps create the right styling. Two modes of operation and special design help the Reepro hairdryer cope with hair of any length. Now, to create a unique hairstyle, you do not need to go to the salon, the right tool will help to realize the idea right at home.

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