Xiaomi ROIDMI XCQ01RM Vacuum Cleaner for $411.97

The new Xiaomi ROIDMI XCQ01RM Vacuum Cleaner is now available for purchase.

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Keeping the house clean is the most important task for all of us. We always find some simple techniques to clean our house. Mostly we find the maids and sometimes any gadget that can help us to do the task easily. Now here Xiaomi, the lifesaver for around millions of people in every field has come up with an easy device for cleaning the house. Here is the new Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner that will help you in cleaning your house in minutes.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner

Features of the new Xiaomi ROIDMI XCQ01RM Vacuum Cleaner

The new Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner comes with the 100,000 rpm digital monitor along with the 115W of effective suction power. The device comes with the tornado powerful suction which will help you to easily clean all dust from the seats of your car and also from the house. The device gives you the 1100 Liters air volume and 18,500 Pa wind pressure. This wind pressure will help you to effectively remove the dust particles.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner

You get the smart App connection with this new Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner. This App helps you to check the host power and cleaning time can be set from the application. You get the built-in LED sensor light which automatically illuminates the dark corners of the place you need to clean. The new Xiaomi ROIDMI XCQ01RM Vacuum Cleaner can be adjusted to 270 degrees. Along with this, you get the comfortable handle design of the device.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner

Most of the vacuum cleaners make many noises while working, but this new Xiaomi ROIDMI XCQ01RM Vacuum Cleaner reduces many noises and will give only the 75dB low noise. It is said it is quiet and very comfortable.


You get the 2500mAh Li-ion Battery. This battery will give you the 55 minutes time to use the vacuum cleaner.  Now you can charge the 2500mAh battery quickly and you can return to the work again in a few minutes.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner


Now you can buy the new Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner at a very low price of just $411.97

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