Buy The Xiaomi SO WHITE EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Oral Cleaner For $14.89(Discounted)

Are you looking for a new toothbrush that’s more efficient and EASY to use than conventional ones? Were you disappointed in not getting very much revenue because of the relatively low product value? Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got exactly what you NEED! Made of superior quality, IPX 7-Waterproof materials with a solid base. This set of wireless dental care is a must-have for any household! Whether to your customers or as a gift to yourself, this fantastic toothbrush set is an excellent choice for men, women, and teenagers! We talking about the Xiaomi so white EX3 sonic electric toothbrush

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Main Features And Benefits

There are 5 + 1 Reasons That Your Customers Will Throw This Toothbrush To Their Shopping Carts Immediately.

1). High cleaning frequency: max 31,000 times/min

2). Help to improve scientific brushing habit: intelligently shake to remind you to change brushing area, and automatically turn off while reaching 2 minutes ( a suggested the best brushing period )

3). Round brushing head+arc brushing surface: avoid hurt, deep cleaning includes dead corner

4). IPX7 full body waterproof level for direct washing

5). About 25 days duration

6). 3 vibration modes: 31,000 times/min, 27,000 times/min, alternate vibration every minute

Features & Benefits of SO WHITE EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Safe brushing experience

Our SO WHITE technology is suitable for use with braces, fillings, crowns, and veneers, and helps prevent cavities and improve gum health. The IPX7 Waterproof feature is AMAZING! You are safe to use it while you shower. No water will come through! Plus, the brush’s body features nano-materials that won’t allow mold or mildew to build up! As far as its elegant design concerned, the sleek, simple lines and a pale, yet shiny pink color/or navy blue make it a perfect addition to your bathroom!

Superior Clean

Enhancing our SO WHITE technology, they give you unrivaled cleaning – it will whip up your toothpaste into plaque fighting bubbles, driving them deep between your teeth and along the gum line for exceptional cleaning. 

As to the unique toothbrush head, it can thoroughly clean the gums and inaccessible areas. It vibrates 31,000 times per minute because it produces sound waves that wash the area between the teeth. You and your customers will wash the teeth like a dentist.

Three Brushing Modes: Help improve gingivitis in two weeks with the Soft mode, or whiten your teeth in one week with Standard mode!

Smart Remind

The SO WHITE EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush tracks how you long you’ve been using your brush head for, and how hard you’ve been brushing. And when it’s time to replace it, a light on your handle lets you know. Typically, it will automatically turn off while reaching 2 minutes ( a suggested the best brushing period ).

The SO WHITE EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush is currently available on Gearbest for just $14.89.

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