Xiaomi SWDK Wireless Handheld Dust Mite Controller Offered For $103.79

Recently we informed out fans about the new cordless Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, which is ideally suited as a complement to the mop and robotic vacuum cleaner Roborock. The Chinese manufacturer said that this is not enough and there should be another cleaning equipment at home. Xiaomi Shuawadi Handheld Wireless Vacuum is by far the cheapest vacuum cleaner among all three. It is dedicated to cleaning, or properly sterilizing such surfaces as sofas, beds, pillows, chairs, curtains and plush toys.

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Ultimately, this is not a typical vacuum cleaner. Its main task is not to collect dirt, although amateurs eating crisps in bed will also be satisfied. The main task of the vacuum cleaner is eliminating mites that many people cause allergy attacks. It also works very well for removing animal hair, for example from a sofa. In order to eliminate mites, it has a special proprietary cleaning system, this system consists of three phases:

  • quake – aims to “raise” the mites that are deep inside the mattress
  • pulling in – the suction power is 6000 Pa
  • UV-C sterilization – emitted from a special lamp. The lifetime declared by the manufacturer is 10000 hours.

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The vacuum cleaner has a built-in 2200mAh battery, charging time from 0-100% takes 2,5 hours. At maximum power, it offers 25 minutes of operation on a full battery, the noise level is 65 dB. Charging takes place in a special docking station.

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Another important element is the placement of a HEPA filter inside a stainless steel cage. It also has a special energy saving system. Automatically turns off the UV lamp as soon as we move the vacuum cleaner to 5 cm from the surface being cleaned. The whole weighs only 1,3 kg, after 25 minutes of work we will not have sours. The capacity of the tank is 0.4 liters which is fair considering that its main task is to disinfect the surface. You should be very interested in this devie,  It might be that the dust, dust mites that make you and your family member run cold and sneeze. We are curious if Xiaomi will help us to say goodbye to the annoying effects of allergies.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi SWDK Wireless Handheld Dust Mite Controller

The Xiaomi SWDK Wireless Handheld Dust Mite Controller is currently available on Gearbest for just $103.7

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