Xiaomi USB 3.0 hub with 4 connectors Offered for $13.99(Coupon)

The company  Xiaomi  is very well known thanks to its products in the field of accessories. If you have a modern laptop with minimal connectors, this is the perfect gadget for you.

The new Xiaomi  USB 3.0 hub comes in addition to the standard USB ports and a USB Type C connector. Now at a low price with a discount coupon.

coupon code: BGHUD75194

Xiaomi USB 3.0 hub

If you would like to buy this great piece of accessories now, you can do so through the famous Banggood e-shop.com. There is also a discount coupon with an even better price. Standard shipping is free, but you can get a faster and verified Air Parcel Register for a small extra charge.

4 x USB and Type-C

The classic white and minimalist design with rounded edges is used by Xiaomi also this time. The compact mushroom ideal for traveling is only  89 x 23.6 x 18.5 mm and weighs 33 grams .

The blue highlighted USB connectors emphasize the use of the USB 3.0 standard. It allows read / write speeds of up to 350 MB / s and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 versions.

The hub itself contains 4 USB 3.0 connectors and one USB type C suitable for power supply (5V / 2A). The connectors are ideal for attaching accessories such as USB key, keyboard, mouse or hard disk.

The Hub can read up to 1TB of storage while supporting Windows, macOS and Android operating systems. The total length of the hub is almost 24 centimeters, the manufacturer declares quality workmanship on the example of a USB connector type C, which should easily handle up to 10 000 plugs / unplugs.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi USB 3.0 hub with 4 connectors

The Xiaomi USB 3.0 hub with 4 connectors is currently available on Banggood for $13.99 using coupon code: BGHUD75194

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