Xiaomi Viomi VXVC05-SJ

Xiaomi Viomi VXVC05-SJ Intelligent Water-Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner Comes At $271.99 [Coupon]

Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Viomi has launched a new robot vacuum cleaner. The product named Viomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is integrated with the VSLAM visual navigation system. This vacuum cleaner is sold only for $271.99 after using our coupon.

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Price without coupon: $319.99
Coupon price: $271.99

Xiaomi Viomi VXVC05-SJ Performence

The Viomi VSLAM smart robot vacuum cleaner uses the NIDEC fan imported from Japan, with a large suction power of 2600Pa and 4-speed suction mode adjustment. The new-generation cleaning system with extended bilateral brushes can only collect dust, not dust. It uses a V-shaped anti-wind roller brush to remove difficult-to-clean hairs at one time. It uses NIDEC fan, 4-speed suction adjustment, integrated sweep and drag, support 3 sweep and drag modes, intelligent electronically controlled water tank, 3-stop water volume adjustment.

Xiaomi Viomi VXVC05-SJ

The Viomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner supports three sweep and mop modes, including integrated sweep and mop, single sweep and single mop mode. The slim body of this vacuum cleaner is only 7.8 cm thick. It can easily penetrate under the bed and clean under the sofa.

Xiaomi Viomi VXVC05-SJ Camera

In addition, the Viomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is also equipped with a high-definition wide-angle camera assembly. It can quickly capture environmental information on the move. The camera assembly can collect 40,000 feature points per second and quickly build the environment layout. With the help of the VSLAM intelligent algorithm, simulating neural network algorithm and a path calculation rate of 60 times per second, it can automatically select the best solution from a variety of path planning solutions to effectively complete the cleaning task.

Xiaomi Viomi VXVC05-SJ

Viomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Battery and Charging

The built-in 3200mAh battery has a battery life of up to 2 hours and supports automatic charging. It is charging without water seepage. The cleaner has APP intelligent control, automatic recharging, without manual charging. When the battery is too low, it will automatically return to the base for charging, and then turn back to the previous route to continue cleaning. The inside of the vacuum cleaner is packed with 12 different types of sensors. It can detect and avoid obstacles under 2cm.

Xiaomi Viomi VXVC05-SJ Key Features

  • 2600Pa Cyclone High Suction
  • Large Viewing Angle
  • V-SLAM Intelligent Algorithm
  • Integrated Sweeping and Mopping
  • Intelligent Electronic Control Water     
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