Xiaomi Wireless Charging Speaker Sold Only For $58.99 [Coupon]

Earlier this year, at the online press conference of Xiaomi 10 new products, Xiaomi released a Xiaomi Wireless Charging Speaker. It combines two product forms of smartphone wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker. It can realize listening to songs while charging, and can be used with smartphones to change into a “big screen Xiaoai speaker” in seconds. This charging speaker is sold only for $58.99 after using our coupon.

Coupon code: BGXMSPK
Price without coupon: $111.99
Coupon price: $58.99

Xiaomi Wireless Charging Speaker Design

In terms of appearance, it uses a warm fabric and tough white shell. The wireless charging board has a 20° visual elevation angle. So, the phone can be placed horizontally. In the process, it adopts the intelligent FOD metal foreign body detection protection. So it can avoid the misplacement of keys, coins and other metal foreign bodies, which may cause high temperature in the power consumption.

Xiaomi Wireless Charging Speaker

Xiaomi Wireless Charging Speaker Charging Function

The Mi Wireless Charging Bluetooth Speaker has a built-in high-power wireless charging function of up to 30W. Within a vertical charging sensing distance of ≤4mm, the smartphone can be charged even if it uses a case. It supports Qi wireless charging protocol and is compatible with most wireless charging devices. In addition to providing up to 30W wireless charging for Xiaomi Mi 10, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, and Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro. This charger can also provide wireless fast charging for smartphones such as the Samsung galaxy S10 and the iPhone 11.

Xiaomi Wireless Charging Speaker

The Mi wireless charging Bluetooth speaker has a 280cc large sound cavity volume, built-in two 5W power NdFeB internal magnetic speakers. It also has dual passive bass radiators to ensure sound quality. Place the phone in the center and horizontally on the charging surface of the speaker, you can listen to songs or watch videos while charging. The product also supports high-quality voice calls. It has echo cancellation technology to filter echo noise.

Xiaomi Wireless Charging Speaker Connectivity

In terms of connectivity, the product supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology with a transmission range of up to 10 meters. In addition, it also uses Xiaomi flash connection technology to support fast connection of NFC and MIUI smartphones. After the speaker is turned on, you can quickly connect an Android phone with NFC connection Bluetooth function near the NFC logo area on the top of the speaker. For smartphones with MIUI system installed, the pop-up window can also automatically complete Bluetooth pairing. So, the connection can be completed in one step.

Xiaomi Wireless Charging Speaker

In particular, when the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro are placed on the speaker for wireless charging, they can automatically switch to the Xiao Ai screen mode when the screen is locked. Touch to wake up Xiaoai students, and change into a “big screen Xiaoai speaker” in seconds, and easily get a new experience of Xiaoai’s intelligence.

Xiaomi Wireless Charging Speaker Key Features

  • Universal fast charge, compatible with most wireless charging devices
  • 30W MAX, wireless charging up to 30W
  • Can also be charged with case, ≤4mm vertical sensing distance
  • New Bluetooth speaker experience, watching drama while charging

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